2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Shanxi Datong Kind Family International Neighborhood of CCRC | Puretao Architects

The project has a distance of 21km to the Datong city center and 3.1km to the nearby city Raocheng. Relatively, the Kind International Neighborhood not only provide a way for people to enjoy the suburb peace but also serving a convenient community for their after generations to have a visit. Moreover, encouraging their children to live together with their old parents. In the small town, it also started to build the high-end golf club, which the Sang’gan riven passing by, devoting the project with a high qualified landscape resource.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Shanxi Datong Kind Family International Neighborhood of CCRC
Public Building (Concept)

Puretao Architects

Pingping Xia

Design Team
Pingping Xia, Jianghai Zhu, Paul Fang, Qing Huang, Lisa Zhou

Datong, Shanxi


©Puretao Architects

Creating a new elderly living experience: a space that conclude the mutual caring and effective interaction. Childhood fun interaction means bonding the naive childhood dreamy romance with the elderly people’s daily life. In addition, fully extended to their daily caring, therefore, upgrading the space into a fully equipped high star retirement home community. The development of the space concludes three aspects: Healthy city-an example of the Chinese retire man’s home; Elderly based-customized the space with an advanced high quality environment; Holistic Wellness- a four generation living space design.

The elderly care is the cell nucleus of the whole community. Usually the second generation has to word during the day time and come back at night. The old people could do different activities in the community center, they also become the nuclear citizens of the area.

The Inter-generation center become the consist of the cell nucleus of the old community, furthermore, a place that providing all the public services, including medical service, library, food hall and fitness center etc.

As China is going through the fast-aging process, the design of the project would contentiously welcoming customers who have needs in the nearby city. What’s more, the extensive amenities just in needs fixing the original design vision that connecting to the nature, combing the local culture and promoting a sense of community.