2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Changtou Poly Hankou Mark | SDD Architects

Located in the center of Wuhan China, the project is currently under construction. Inspired by the theme “Blossom” to symbolize the growth and development of this time-honored city, the high-rise office tower (221.9m) with two high-rise residential are thoughtfully arranged to maximize daylight conditions and form a significant mark of Hankou. The design not only reflects on the visual appearance like shape, light design and a harmonious ensemble, but also other factors such as cost-effectiveness, sustainability, easy traffic access and comfort.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Changtou Poly Hankou Mark
Skyscraper Architecture (Under Construction)

SDD Architects

Bertran Sennwald

Design Team
Su Ruizhi, Zhu Yakun, Zhang Mingyuan, Julie Yue, Olivia Xu, Vivian Gao, Katia Zhang, Conan Zhan, Peng Peng

Project Location
Wuhan, China


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The tower façade featured high efficiency, economy building cost and easy maintenance. To reduce energy loads of the tower, efficiency measures of low-E glass and reflective coatings for the envelope as well as finding synergies with the HVAC system were adopted. For two residential buildings, oriental elements and principles are applied in the choice of material, color tone, natural lighting, and enjoyable landscape.

The architectural design shows a new language for the city by bringing memorable and unique characteristics to the buildings, and also directly responds to the local site and its neighborhood, bringing residents a touch of nature, comfort and happiness.