2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Zhangjiang East Medical Park Pro | FTA

The high-end medical device innovation and production base project consists of one supporting building and five production workshops, with a total construction area of 80,325.87 square meters. The overall layout aims to create an industrial community with warmth, connecting the north and south blocks of the base to form a core slow-traffic landscape axis. The individual buildings are situated on both sides of the landscape axis, creating a complete urban interface, while the internal clusters and courtyards are rich and varied.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Zhangjiang East Medical Park Pro
Institutional Architecture (Under Construction)


Wei Yihang

Design Team
Shi Daohong, Wei Yihang, Zhang Ping, Cai Mingkui, Shi Meijun, Yu Wenyan, Zhang Xiaojing, Zha Meiying, Hu Jinyuan, Xu Xiaoyan, Chen Jingwen

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The concept revolves around the idea of a vibrant Z community, aligning with the positioning of adjacent ZEMP Acceleration Park, integrating the logic of the existing development park, incorporating the concept of the city’s second-level space, and catering to the characteristics of the young office and production personnel of Generation Z. Architects aim to enhance the park’s PRO aspects from three levels: the urban level (from the park to the city), the product level (from Z to Z PRO), and the vitality scene level (from production to life), achieving comprehensive improvement of the park from the macro planning level to the detailed scenes.

This architectural design emphasizes integrity to achieve the transition from “park” to “city”. Due to functional requirements, the building facade is simple and rational, while also exuding a sense of “technology” and “vitality”. The lively and dynamic central greenery takes center stage, attracting people and creating a warm industrial park. The intriguing and grand overall park space, along with the rigorous functionality of the facade, creates an image and temperament of the park that is futuristic, ecological, and vibrant. The Wutong Orange theme vertical transportation design with spatial linkage effect combines colors and rationality, creating a lively atmosphere that stirs emotional sentiment. It provides a pleasant user experience and spaces where people can stop and appreciate.

The workshop adopts a window wall system, with square lines outlining a rational tone, emphasizing a sense of mass and modular visual presentation. The facade material mainly use silver-white aluminum panels and LOW-E glass. The external orange evacuation stairs, as the most distinctive part of the facade, not only fulfill their function but also create an unique scenery in the park. The dormitory apartment feature a rhythmic perforated aluminum sunshade system, which not only provides sun protection and a certain degree of sound insulation and noise reduction but also exudes warmth and humanity with its wooden color theme. The orange perforated plate grand staircase from the first to the third floor, as the core element and the most vibrant scene, serves as a vertical transportation function and becomes a special space where people want to stay and linger.