2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Chengdu Jiaozi Park Financial Business District C02 Plot | HZS

As the core carrier of financial development and financial institutions in western China, Chengdu Jiaozi Park Financial and Business District is a new name card of national financial center in western China that cannot be ignored. The site is adjacent to Jiaozi Park in the south and overlooking the bank of Jinjiang River in the southeast side, with the line of sight extending to the direction of Jinjiang River. The space is deep and long, and the visual experience is good, demonstrating excellent natural landscape advantages. The project is located at the intersection of the business office cluster of the financial city and the Jinjiang landscape belt of Jiaozi Park, where the modern culture and natural landscape collide and integrate. It is projected as the infiltration of the city park into the office tower building in the design, and the integration of vertical green space and cluster sharing.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Chengdu Jiaozi Park Financial Business District C02 Plot
Commercial Architecture (Concept)


Yi Wenyuan

Design Team
Yi Wenyuan, Lei Yi, ZHANG Qiang, Zhang Binhui, ZHAO Yu, YUAN Chao

Project Location
Chengdu City



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The design concept is inspired by the local culture of gold foil fish ornaments and sails on the river, the twin towers are shaped like sails on the Jinjiang River, and the central axis of the twin tower podium building connects the traffic line of Jiaozi Park and Finance Museum to extend the green axis of the landscape.  The overall commercial interface of the project pushes urban life forward to the water front of the Jinjiang River, echoing the existence of the spatial axis of the city level and seamlessly connecting with the urban texture.

The continuous commercial volume at the bottom of the building forms a stylized, exquisite and unique consumption place. The park is introduced by the partially recessed central square and the green axis in the middle of the site, while the passenger flow is guided through the pleasant recreation space, the set-back terrace, the internal activity square, the spiral staircase and other characteristic spaces. The waterfront plaza extends the scale of the podium on the ground floor horizontally through the landscape ramp, and the human experience path runs through it. The viewing platform of the podium roof echoes the water surface and rises inward from the waterfront step by step, and combined with the set-back space of the building, it forms a well-layered waterfront interface and a platform with a broad view of the river to improve the taste of the park city.

The tower building creates multiple public spaces on the vertical interface, the recessed balconies on the facade enhance the integrity of the architectural form, and the horizontal lines form broken lines with tension at the twist of the block. These, together with the light curtain wall glass sheets, outline the upward shape with strong geometric lines to create a tall and straight tower volume. The staggered volumes and blocks are in a state of progressive layers, forming a rich visual experience and creating a unique and iconic architectural image.

The interweaving curtain wall glass pieces and horizontal lines bring tension and rhythm to the building, making it extremely light and become a landmark element different from the surrounding buildings. At the same time, the building volume undergoes a certain oblique cutting and set-back treatment to correspond to the landscape orientation. Supplemented by floor turning, change of direction and partial lowering of height, it can avoid the eye contact and the lack of spacing between the tower buildings. The multi-dimensional feedback of the landscape makes the design and nature achieve all-round integration, ensuring the optimization of the scenic view, and interpreting the core value of “building space with sincerity, creating the future with wisdom”.

Characteristic spaces are arranged on the ground floor of the building and at the ends of the tower building. A double-height lobby dominates the business interface on the north side and injects warmth and light into the surrounding public square. The full-height vertical stone wall cascades down from the ceiling and becomes the curtain behind the curtain wall. Hoping to blur the boundary between landscape and interior space, the design uses a series of transparent glass curtain walls to introduce the surrounding natural elements into the interior space. Creative feature spaces such as green recreation platform, shared overhead space and art staircase are arranged in the open area at the ends of the tower building. The public interactive space formed in the continuous vertical green space and the internal interactive office space create a new meeting place for visitors and users.