2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Jardín de las Alianzas | Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection

The Jardín de las Alianzas fulfills the owners’ desire to immortalize their love story by materializing it in a fascinating place. We tackled the challenge through organic design, hidden mathematics, handcrafted natural materials, and lush flora. Drawing inspiration from the myth of love between Odysseus and Penelope as recounted in The Odyssey, the guiding thread behind this creation is an earthly sentiment that magnifies and culminates in a pure universal love that permeates the place and is expressed in every detail.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Jardín de las Alianzas
Private Landscape Architecture (Built)

Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection

Fernando Pozuelo

Design Team
Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection

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During the project’s development, a new narrative unfolds, thus emerging one that has been captured in The Jardín de las Alianzas. A narrative where everything takes on new meaning: the garden is recognized as an unreal world where there is no room for humans or judgments. It is a place filled with beauty expressed through allegorical forms, shells, animals, and mythological beings. Its layout responds to a mathematical synchrony: the golden point of the garden weaves a relationship between the Cosmos and a constellation-studded firmament embedded in the ground.

360º Landscape Design

We approach our concept of the garden from a holistic perspective: the original facades, fountain, and grille are restored; a pattern of lights is integrated into the pavement, evoking a Milky Way; wicker coverings and ingenious water features are crafted for the pergolas, as well as a misting system that refreshes the summer air, generating evocative clouds of vapor. At the bottom of the pool, lined with mother-of-pearl mosaic, a blue heart conceals a movable floor that can emerge as a stage. The design is enriched with lush vegetation, including palm trees, cypress olives, perennials, and climbers.

Reason and Emotion

Attention to detail allows the garden to symbiotically blend with its surroundings in the town of Uclés (Cuenca). Mesmerising woven wicker works following local tradition, the chiseling of pavement pieces mirroring the Monastery’s stones, and the artisanal arrangement of brick flooring creating undulations akin to those shaped by clay in the region’s fields bring to life the intricate details in the garden.

The layout contemplates meticulous mathematical details: thus, the Fibonacci sequence sets the pattern for spacing between the waves of the pavement. The Gamma number, known as the impossible number for reason, establishes the quantity of LED lights comprising the starry firmament.

A Locus Amoenus to Be Lived and Enjoyed

This symphony of stimuli, art, hidden mathematics, and craftsmanship provides a colorful atmosphere of beauty and delight without taking away from the functionalities of a family garden: a welcoming area, leisure zones, spaces for recreation and relaxation, a pool… A coin bearing the symbolism of the garden and a documentary that captures its whole development. Consequently, capturing the essence of the project, a new story takes shape, and converts The Jardín de las Alianzas into a language that appeals to delicacy, refinement, and sensitivity.