2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Chengdu Lakeside Villa | ACE DESIGN

This lakeside villa is located in Chengdu, China, with an area of 1600㎡. The exterior is shaped like a ‘seashell’, while the original interior space is fragmented and heterogeneous, poorly lit, and not very functional.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Chengdu Lakeside Villa
Housing – Villa Interior Built


Hui Xie

Design Team
Shuai Yang, Xue Li, Subing Zhao

Chengdu, China


©Ao Xiang

Faced with such situation, the designers adjusted the functional spaces’ layers, motion lines, interaction scale, and the way artworks exhibit, emphasizing the harmony of environment, people and space.

The living room is reshaped with rounded, shell-like curves inspired by the building facade. As the curve narrows upwards, the junction looks like a ‘curved bow’. The high hollow, with an entirely white wall, resembles a blank canvas. As the sun rises and the moon sets, light and shadows from the building’s hole are mirrored on the wall, like a full moon signifying a reunion, making the room hazy and dynamic.

Facing the lake, the dining echoes the art picture “Eat” on the back wall, adding a sense of interest. From fireplaces, handrails, balustrades, to flooring and wall paint, all are meticulously selected by designers and in harmony with beauty.

The master bedroom offers a beautiful lakeside vista. Each bedroom in the villa is equipped with an en-suite bathroom. Besides, it is convenient to wash up and rest in the workroom with accessible working and living amenities.

The biggest difficulty but also the most striking feature of this project is the newly created linking ‘bridge’, which alters the previously fragmented and redundant architectural pattern. It’s defined as an ‘art gallery’, showcasing the owners’ beloved collections, with square window at the top of the gallery opened for the free passage of air and light.

The flow of water dominates the level of the public space on the negative floor, transforming art into invisibility. The curved lines of the steps echo the light troughs at the top. The layout of the lounge and the fitness area features a flowing pattern of highs and lows. In order to bring the best air and bright sunlight, the designers open up the partition wall between the gym and the patio on the right, with big floor-to-ceiling windows installed for an outward focus of space.

In this way, each space has a distinct positioning, meeting residents’ life habits, aesthetics and spiritual needs, and hugely enhancing their quality of life and living settings.