2023 IID 🏆 Awards


A gentle atmosphere permeates the “interior” space, to differentiate it from the “external”environment of the property. Every inch of space is designed in a pure way, presenting a pleasing, expansive and free visual experience. The 3-meter-long island becomes the visual focal point, and helps to form a smooth loop circulation. The open circulation allows customers to explore the displayed products freely, offers a broad view and a playful spatial experience.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Retail Interior


Eric Ch, Dawn Du, Grace Gong

Design Team
Eric Ch, Dawn Du, Grace Gong

Beijing, China



in this project, wood color, curved lines and modules are used as key elements to construct the space. Meanwhile, with appropriate proportions and scales as well as the play of light and shadows, the design created a pilates studio-like space that features rich layering and a serene vibe.  

For lighting design, the design team applied soft floodlighting to create a welcoming atmosphere, while guaranteeing basic lighting. Besides, the beams, air outlets and spotlight tracks are embedded into the overall structure. Spotlight tracks are reserved on the side panels as supplementary lighting, to create varied atmospheres and scenes through point light sources and natural light. The regularly criss-crossing wooden ceiling creates a soft transition between light and architecture. Besides, it is intended to simulate a komorebi-like effect, evoking a scene that sunlight filters through trees in a forest.

The interior walls feature softness and a sense of order. The walls are presented in a way like being wrapped by cloths, which use sheet-like prefabricated decorative modules to simulate the shape of cloth while retaining the pure and simple expressive textures of the material itself. The light brings subtle changes on the wood-grain surface, adding a sense of movement to the minimalist space。 Meanwhile, the random fabric enriches the space in details.

The interior skin of the space is defined by soft-tone walls, while the displayed products and props are extensions of the “exterior”. The interior facades are designed with hidden structures, which are embedded into the framework in a way that simulates sewing threads, like an envelope of the skeleton. The design team tailored modular props for NEIWAI ACTIVE’s different products series such as “MOVE”, “On Spot” and “On the Go”, and also customized panel walls of different sizes for accessories of these garment series.