2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | CIMC · 235㎡ River View Large Flat | YORO DESIGN

The project is located in Sihui City, China, on the banks of the Suijiang River. It’s a 235m² luxury large flat residence, with a 180° panoramic view of the city and boundless river scenery.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

CIMC · 235㎡ River View Large Flat
Interior Built – Residential


Ziyan Wang

Design Team
Xuejin Wang, Lina Liu

Sihui City, China


©Shikan Lin

The designers use a contemporary approach to record the change of the times and cultural collisions. With landscape as the spiritual carrier of the Chinese people, it has fully integrated western elements and super-real factors, to pursue the power for mental peace, while exploring the balance between life, social contact and artistic concepts.

Without excessive shear walls, the spacious living room features a sense of freedom, fluidity and openness, and benefits from adequate lighting and sunshine. Relying on its architectural structure, the space integrates reception, socializing, recreation, wine tasting, reading and other functions, thus meeting the varied needs of modern city dwellers and bursting out with infinite vitality.

The large indoor balcony offers a sweeping view of the river, opening people’s eyes and unwinding their bodies and minds. The dining area links to the terrace, bringing the lush outside scenery within. The kitchen, laundry and collection room are lined up in a row, with large spatial scale and storage capacity to make life fully organized.

In the tea room, the natural luxury stone flows like a landscape, echoing the sander collections on the exhibition shelf. This shows the owner’s taste and conveys elegance and tranquility, with a fresh air boost by the light and lush plants. The bedroom with a 270° viewing window and warm woods creates a luxury and private space. As a result, a wonderful home is created, giving its occupants a sense of value and belonging.