2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Cultural Development Fund (CDF) Project | Focal Buildings Solutions

CDF By FBS is an office space designed for the Cultural Development Fund of Saudi Arabia. The project is located at KAFD, King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh, the capital city. The project’s total area is 1469 square meters. The Cultural Development Fund’s mission is to support the fields of Art and Cultural sectors through various financing programs. These programs are designed to empower the public and private of the Art and Culture sectors by financing them sustainably, which will lead them to succeed and open new horizons.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Cultural Development Fund (CDF) Project
Office Building Interior Concept

Focal Buildings Solutions

Sara Batterjee

Design Team
Bushra Abu Madi – Mohammad Zuhair – Bashayer Al Jahdali

Saudi Arabia

South Africa 

©Focal Buildings Solutions

FBS developed a design strategy that supports the cultural and artistic values of Saudi Arabia, as requested by the client which applied throughout the space design. Each area of the office represents a certain region of Saudi Arabia through design elements from that region. We chose to showcase architectural and artistic aspects of the design from three main regions of the country, the Central, the Western, and the Southern regions.

Looking at the reception and the private offices you will experience the Najdi style that has been traced from the architecture of the central region of the country. The walls are designed with attention to details found in Najdi Architecture and traditions. For example, the king’s traditional headpiece designs are found as a wall pattern in the reception area. Throughout the workstation areas and other private offices, you will experience the Hijazi-style design. We Brought elements such as the Roshan and Mashrabeya into the design of the wall treatments and acoustical panels. The recreational area reflects the southern region design which exhibits different colors and patterns that have been applied all over the space. Each region represents a different color scheme that matches the art and architecture of that area.

In order to achieve a successful and functional design that fulfilled the client’s requirements and vision, FBS designed the CDF office with an excellent level of communication and coordination between the client and the design team. Materials are selected to be sustainable with low maintenance to ensure durability and functionality. Furniture and lighting design are well-studied and selected to ensure the employee’s comfort and well-being. All areas are designed to exhibit paintings and artworks by artists who are funded by this organization to encourage and support their talents.