2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Full-featured Optometry Clinic – Jizhou Branch of Tianjin Eye Hospital Optometric Center | CHENGYI (GUANGZHOU ) DECORATION ENGINEERING CO., LTD.

A large number of circles are used in the design, which show gentle and soft. The vivid artistic modeling enhances the style of commercial space. It is integrated with Visual Identity color of Tianjin Eye Hospital and complements each other.

The project is from the design concept of the building facade to the connection of the interior design environment. The facade is mainly white, which is consistent with the white and pure color of the hospital. Dynamic color changing lights are used on the top to create eye-catching effect.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Full-featured Optometry Clinic – Jizhou Branch of Tianjin Eye Hospital Optometric Center
Healthcare Interior (Built)



Design Team
Yuzhen Ye, Shujuan Fan, Zhuokun Xiao, Caoming Huang

Project Location
Tianjin City, China



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“Trial Frame” model is derived from the special trial wear frame.The shape extends from the outside to the interior. Through ingenious design, it advances layer by layer to create a profound visual effect and achieve the perfect combination of medicine and art. The theme image is prominent, vivid, bright and shocking.

The reception area at the front desk is the first impression of entering the door.The circular ceiling and arc back wall are meticulously made.The “eye” shape in the middle adopts Visual Identity color of Tianjin Eye Hospital, which is in contrast with the white color around it.

When entering the sales area, the first thing to come into our eyes is the artistic shape with illusory lights flashing in the air, which is specially designed and developed.From a special perspective, it is two circles, which are shaped like “glasses”. The top of an original natural wooden column is connected with a circular ceiling shape.The wooden column shape is linked with the white sales counter to form a staggered height and enhance the sense of space hierarchy.

The space connected to the sales area is divided into functional boundaries by color. The pure white sunglasses sales cabinet perfectly displays the product. The cabinet and the wall are displayed in harmony, making the commercial space full of warmth and artistic penetration. The adult sales area has a bright golden color, and the gold frame wall is inlaid with metal brackets.

The decorative ceiling on the second and third floors follows the shape of the first floor. The seven circles are formed as a whole, and the natural streamline creates a warm environment.

The second floor takes the vision are orderly arranged on both sides, with reasonable layout, clear flow lines.

The third floor takes ophthalmology are arranged together. All departments fully consider the usage habits, which are non-interference and consistent.

We pursue natural and fresh design, pay attention to space harmony and functional performance, and create comfortable indoor space with rigorous technology and high-quality materials.