2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Gallery | Fabio Baratto & Concetta Tavoletta. BTArchitetti

The relationship between the historical space and the Retail may appear complex. If, on the one hand, contemporary retail is based on the idea of ​​making everything easily modifiable, when designing in a place with strong structural and historical characteristics, the retail space must find new forms of interpretation of the idea of ​​time. The Gallery brand, a young retail brand expanding in Italy, has chosen our studio to design their shop in a structurally complex but fascinating space from the point of view of the project challenge.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Retail Interior 

Fabio Baratto & Concetta Tavoletta. BTArchitetti

Concetta Tavoletta

Design Team
Fabio Baratto & Concetta Tavoletta



©Mario Ferrara

Analyzing the corporate mood, a project was imagined that had an underground inspiration but at the same time respectful of the context. The intervention area, in fact, is located within the shopping street of the city of Aversa (Italy), a town of Norman origin.

The external image tells of a richly decorated nineteenth-century building, in line with the building strip. The interior is made up of load-bearing walls in yellow tuff blocks and bricks. The idea behind the project was to try to “dress” the space through small actions that would emphasize it instead of distorting it.

As a first choice, it was decided to bring all the load-bearing structural elements into view and, once the real image of the space came out, the project took the final direction.

The area of ​​intervention, with its monumentality, was left exposed to emphasize the strength of the pre-existing structure and, thanks to the grafts in raw iron and fir wood, the whole project results from a single design process. In the dressing room area, where an arch in yellow tuff of great beauty was found, the choice was to emphasize its importance and depth by inserting the dressing room area within the arch itself.

The whole space summarizes the project idea: putting the past at the center to transform it into a new idea of ​​the future.

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