2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Xanadu | Xanadu Architectural Design

The project is located in Qishan Forest Park, Jiangyin City. It is the office of Zeng Rong, an independent female designer. First select the environment, and then decorate the interior by the environment.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Office Building Interior Built

Xanadu Architectural Design

Zero Zeng

Design Team
Zero Zeng, JiangHang Yu, Jing Zhang, Yuwen Zhu, Guoli Weng

Jiangyin City


©Yiwen XU

The circuitous corridor formed by the tall wall built by old green bricks represents the beginning and outside of being implicit and introverted. At the end of the corridor, there is an open inner courtyard. From the wall to the ground, there are green bricks. After time washing, many mosses have begun to grow. The main entrance of the building is the glass curtain wall. Inside, there is a large steel circle with great tension, weighing 7 tons. Only two fulcrums support the whole shape. The mountain like stairs are embedded in the circle and hover upward.

She advocates “taking in outside and putting in inside”. The outside seems to refuse people thousands of miles away, but the inside is basically at a glance, completely embracing everything uninvited. Architecture can express a person’s spirit. This architecture fully expresses the designer’s character. Only in-depth can we understand. She doesn’t advocate direct and unobstructed expression. She appreciates the taohuayuanji style, which is very narrow at the beginning. Go back dozens of steps and suddenly see the light.

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