2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Gengdu College | Tina Wong

The project in this case is located in Qufu, Shandong Province. We provide materials required by subsequent design from the rich historical and cultural background of farming and reading culture, and incorporate the wisdom of four seasons and 24 solar terms into the space of the farming and reading academy with a sense of ceremony. In the overall design concept, we hope to integrate the simple farming life and elegant poetry and literature, outline a picture of a happy life, and convey the cultural inheritance of knowing poetry and literature, having rite and morality, and cultivating moral character to have good morality.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Gengdu College
Commercial Interior (Built)

Tina Wong

Tina Wong

Design Team
Tina Wong



©Tina Wong

The first thing we can see is the painting “Watch the Hills” by Liu Songnian, a painter in the Southern Song Dynasty. It shows that the autumn air is fresh and all the leaves have turned red. The design of the scene layout in the middle of the lobby comes from the story about Confucius “deleting the statements in six classics”.

In the sand table area, functions are met. The lamps on the top are the key display part. In the design of the overall framework of chandeliers, the bucket arch, a common wooden structure in Chinese traditional architecture, is referred to. The bucket arch is imitated. The hook cloud pattern and ring belt pattern in the Spring and Autumn period are added. These two patterns should have a sense of flow and are like continuous patterns. It is a beauty displayed between monotonous and repeated rhythms.

There are all kinds of experiences of Chinese traditional culture here, including flower ceremony, tea ceremony, incense ceremony, reciting, and scripture copying.

There are four seasons in a year. In the moving nature, it is warm in spring, hot in summer, cool in autumn, and cold in winter. The rules of farming are formed. All the things in nature are born in spring, grow in summer, are harvested in autumn, and are stored in winter. The quiet and elegant state of Chinese style is found and the pace is slowed down. You can have a truly healthy, leisurely, and awakening life.