2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | VICTORY BAY | GND Jiedi Landscape Design

The project is located in Shilong Town, a new international business and livable port town in the Bay Area. The project has well-established surrounding facilities, enjoys dual expressways, multi-dimensional traffic network, and vertical and horizontal transportation to Dongguan, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. CITIC Urban Development Group keeps on exploring the value of resources in the high-quality urban natural environment, advances the new extreme of urban life, and builds such an urban life complex integrating municipal, commercial, and financial services.

Have a dynamic view of the flowing water and a static view of the mountain – an exquisite and natural residence

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Private Landscape Architecture (Built)

GND Jiedi Landscape Design

Qiu Ge

Design Team
Chief Designer: Qiu Ge Concept design: Ding You , Zhu Yanlin, Qiu Liang, Yan Xingxing, Zu Ge Garden design: Chen Chen, Yan Zongdong, Yang Shuguang, Luo Xueli, Xiao Zonglu Plant design: Zeng Fengling, Wang Tuotuo

Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China


©Chill Shine

Life in park

CITIC Urban Development Group joined hands with GND to create the landscape of the exhibition area based on in-depth thinking on the city, community and neighborhood, and took “park life” as the original design. The project explores the cultural context, gardening art and spatial layout of the famous urban gardens in Dongguan, transforms the region, nature, culture, materials, etc. into a unique visual language and create a quiet, leisurely and pure emotional experience in the space, so as to successfully create an urban interaction and sharing platform that integrates multiple elements, coexists with nature, and supports a borderless life, providing owners and surrounding residents with a slow and exquisite living experience space.

Interpretation of the project

Pedestrian friendly · park style

Adhering to the people-oriented principle, this project combines the site and the surrounding environment in the function and flow line to build a smooth, convenient and functional walking path, so as to the publicity and experience of the space, allowing busy urbanites to have more contact with nature within a limited time and space, and making the community ecological landscape integrate into the urban ecosystem in a more natural manner.

Landscape is graceful · Stone is sentimental

The entrance plaza inherits and promotes the spatial layout and garden elements of traditional gardens, and sorts out the layout of landscapes. Its design cleverly uses the change of scale and height difference. The mirror waterscape forms beautiful lines and body sensations, creating a unique space and visual experience. The overall layout presents a neat aesthetic, giving it an architectural art gallery-like temperament.

The water features and rocks, plants and buildings complement each other and blend with each other. The rich and changing scenery creates a diverse and interesting experience. The water is placed at the foot of the mountain, showing the beauty of complementing each other with the virtual and the real, showing the beauty of natural rhythm.

The scenery of the stone blocks plays a role in blocking the scenery and showing the function. The design reproduces the beauty of natural landscape without leaving traces of artificial axe, so as to achieve the poetic atmosphere and artistic effect of “though it is made by man, it is like a natural formation”.

The design of the sculpture “Dragon Water Spray” adds to the artistic color of the landscape, and at the same time endows it with rich humanistic connotations. The seasons change, and the vegetation withers and flourishes. The flowing water embraces the rocks and silently interprets the constant in the ever-changing. In traditional Chinese culture, mountains and water symbolize wealth and geomantic omen, as well as the good wishes of family reunion.

Enjoy the slow life in nature

Combined with the current conditions, the design of the outer street square opens the closed boundary of the original site, so that the parcel is integrated into the urban environment and forms an open field. The changing and rhythmic atmosphere lights on the linear pavement are embedded in it, creating an interesting route and guiding the extension of the space atmosphere.

The municipal greening camphor and the phoenix tree in the site form a comfortable understory space. In addition, this project uses interactive installations, art sculptures, natural landscapes and leisure benches to build a fun art and living space, so as to create a place for the community to communicate and interact with people, with the community, and with the city, and restore the corner square to the city.

The linear benches provide space for residents to rest, watch, communicate and play, opening up the interaction between the project and the city with an open attitude.

Multiple landscapes enable residents to get close to nature

With the pace of the visit, the rhythm of the space is combined with relaxation, which appears to be moderate. The landscape courtyard is organically combined with the building, blurring the spatial attributes of inside and outside. The water is shining, and the shadows of the trees are mottled. This project has successfully created a “growing” building, creating the artistic conception of “multiple landscapes enable residents to get close to nature”.

In the water courtyard, the application of the method of “seeing the big from the small, seeing the large in the small, the real in the virtual, and the virtual in the real” maximizes the landscape space. The dark mirror water feature transitions naturally to the surrounding site, allowing the space to extend infinitely. The shadows of the whirling trees lie quietly in the water, which can be described as a clear view of water trees and trees.

Quiet alley and lush trees

Guided by the neat masonry paving, visitors enter the park, the landscape walls, verandas, and tree shadows in the backyard slow down with the light and shadow. Visitors turn around in the space which progresses layer by layer, introducing the path inward. The spatial meeting point constructs an interesting sculpture, together with atmospheric garden lights and characteristic landscape planting. They are interrelated, interpenetrated, and relatively independent, showing the beauty of natural intentions.

The plants are selected from tree species with high ornamental value and distinctive characteristics. This project retains the existing trees, and it mainly focuses on evergreen varieties, with appropriate configuration of deciduous and flowering types, so that the three landscape features of color, light and shadow, and enables the space to give people seasonal inspiration. The enhanced sense of seasons not only enriches the entire landscape level, but also introduces nature into the garden in miniature form.


By building a landscape layout with rich layers, this project combines local history and culture, pays attention to details and convenience of use, and provides an interactive interface for the urban environment and community residents. This is not only an image display area, but also a happy place that emphasizes the sense of experience and the atmosphere of life.