2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Hangzhou Xianghu Lake No.1 Villa | ZOOM DESIGN

The project, which covers an area of 1,250 square meters, is located in Hangzhou’s historic “Chief Villa District” on the southern bank of the Qiantang River. It’s a rare and low-density home with a secluded, tranquil view of green hills, and urban prosperity at fingers.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Hangzhou Xianghu Lake No.1 Villa
Housing – Villa Interior Built


Xianting Pan

Design Team
Xianting Pan, Jun Chen, Yuchong Qian

Hangzhou, China


©Haha Lu

Without altering original floors and ceilings, the designers reconstruct the wallpaper and staircase decorations, and soft furnishings inside and outside the villa. “We intend to maintain the general elegance of the original building within the French axis symmetry and regularity beauty, while highlighting the special natural benefits of the project’s location”, say the designers.

The living room is infused with a French vibe. The squared-off layout, rounded floor-to-ceiling windows with arches, golden carved backdrop and the lush floral arrangements, are all exquisitely crafted to give the space a gorgeous and light feel. The TURRI sofa set and the FENDI table set is modern with a classical touch, in collision with the architectural style. Besides, the dining room is filled with graceful rhythms created by gilded lines, sparkling crystals, flower and bird porcelain, and delicate reliefs.

Faced with a three-story, massive circular revolving staircase, the designers invited an artist to jointly refine the composition and mood. Eventually, a mural that reconstructs the aesthetic vision of the artistic staircase and extends the space’s classical elegance has been produced. The wall paintings on each floor unfold like Chinese scrolls, immersing people in the East and West charm and harmony with each steps. In addition, the delicate Roman columns with classic floral patterns offer a beautiful contrast to the warm gold and ivory tones in the bedroom.

After the completion of this case, the designers have followed its progress and observed how residents have coexisted peacefully with their families at home. The study-cum-living room on the 1F is often used; The basement turns into a kingdom for two babies thanks to the connection to the outdoor garden, and the hostess enjoys the outdoor sunshine, a get-together with friends, or the companion of children playing in the garden in the afternoon tea room.