2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Harvest Garden Showroom | line+ studio

This project is located in Anji County, a small town in Zhejiang, China, renowned for its bamboo culture. The showroom building is situated at the corner of the block, and the main scope of landscape design includes two areas: the entrance facing the street and the sunken courtyard, with two different design strategies. In the sunken courtyard, the enclosed space often brings a sense of oppression, but the design utilizes this sense of enclosure by incorporating flowing water and art boxes into it, to some extent, enhancing the spirituality and artistic sense. The site emphasizes the theme through only three materials: titanium, water skin, and black slate, creating a huge contrast in texture; the collision of softness, ruggedness, and rigidity conveys a strong artistic atmosphere. Being in it, one can enjoy the scenic views and the sound of flowing water, in a profoundly spiritual and tranquil space. For the entrance space at the street corner, the design needs to consider how to create an ultimate landscape in a limited space. For a street-facing plot, we choose straight-line elements parallel to the street to express a concise and sleek design. The overall emphasis is on horizontal lines, blending seamlessly with the architecture. Planting bamboo interlaces with the water surface, introducing vertical elements to the horizontal expanse, transforming the space from planar to vertical, while maintaining the pure artistic quality of the space, adding a touch of agility to the street corner.”

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Harvest Garden Showroom
Public Landscape Architecture (Built)

line+ studio

Li Shangyang

Design Team
Li Shangyang, Rao Feier, Jin Jianbo, Su Chenjuan, Zhang Wenjie

Project Location
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China


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