2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Wyndham Grand Tianshui | Shaanxi Tongji Architectural Design Civil Engineering Co.,Ltd

Located in Maiji New Town, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, the site is 3.7km away from Tianshui Maijishan Airport, and 4.8km away from Tianshui South Railway Station, enjoying significant transportation advantages. The east side is adjacent to the Mapaoquan Park, enjoying rich regional landscape and tourism resources. With a total land area of 20,770㎡, the project involves two main functions of five-star hotel and high-quality apartments. The plot ratio is 1.0-2.5, the building density is no less than 35%, and the greening rate is no less than 25%. In addition, the project meets the height limit conditions of the nearby airport.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Wyndham Grand Tianshui
Hospitality Architecture (Under Construction)

Shaanxi Tongji Architectural Design Civil Engineering Co.,Ltd

Guo Jianbin, Zhang Yan

Design Team
Wang Senhua, Wu Zexuan, Zhang Ning, Gao Bo

Project Location
Tianshui City


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In the early design phase, the most difficult challenges are the intensive land use and the height limit of 40m. Architects’ core target is to tailor the best strategy within a limited space to create a rich experience and a high-end image for both the hotel and the apartments.

Based on respect for the local historical context, the design adheres to three design concepts of “building poetic dwellings in the city”, “following the enclosed layout” and “simulating the way the Milky Way pours”. The project integrates multiple functions within a limited space in a highly integrated form, transforms the complexity of urban life into a rich and unique spatial experience inside the building, and integrates the balanced and modern beauty in form into the urban context, striving to become an excellent demonstration of the construction of Tianshui Maiji New City.

In terms of planing layout, the local “Hu family residence” is used as the spatial blueprint, and the enclosed layout is adopted. With the central water garden as the core, public spaces such as banquet hall, meeting rooms and lobby are arranged on the north side, while private spaces such as hotel and apartments are arranged on the south side, showing clear dynamic and static flow lines.

Architectural form of backing against the mountain and near the water shows the architectural wisdom of “avoiding wind and gathering water” in Feng Shui theory. Inside the building, the internal landscape environment is created around the central water garden, the enclosed corridor and pavilion, demonstrating the natural and intimate feeling of modern dwellings. 

The facade is organized through different surface materials into a number of concise shape interpenetration. Based on the internal functional features, the large overhanging eaves at the entrance divide the facade into two sections. The lower part is dominated by continuous heavy stone curtain wall, forming a horizontally extended composition. The upper vertical bronze metal grating and glass curtain wall form a rich sense of layering. The simple, smooth and meticulous material combination gives the building a calm and restrained, exquisite and noble quality.