2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Hefei Xuhui Boyue Tianhui | Inter Design

The project is located in Baohe District, Hefei City, and also in the east of Binhu New Area. It is 6.2km away from the South High speed Railway Station, directly to the airport from Fangxing Avenue, and close to Huanhu North Road in the south, with convenient transportation. It is close to the city center, close to the provincial government, and in the core area of the city.

We hope to break the habitual thinking of community quality among people with a new planning and design concept, and pursue fashion aesthetics, natural ecology, slow pace, and light life in the value system of Boyue Boundless, to create a high-end, comfortable, and relaxed forest style home for the residence.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Hefei Xuhui Boyue Tianhui
Private Landscape Architecture (Built)

Inter Design

Zijun Yang

Design Team
Zijun Yang, Wenxiong Zhang, Lingfang Li, Deyu Zeng

Project Location


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02 Etiquette Gate Hall

The simple and beautiful large T-element architectural facade, A ceremonial hall with a strong sense of quality, and the hotel style living atmosphere of the Boyue Club are the embodiment and continuation of the genes of the Xuhui Boyue mansion. The dual combination of modern technology and fashion aesthetics, simple yet elegant, creates a sense of home etiquette that is respected in bustling cities, and opens up a high-quality living experience for international trendy communities.

03 Natural Ritual Axis

Across the hall, into the forest. The Chinese tallow trees on both sides, with their proud growth posture, showcase the strong vitality of nature, and create excellent audio-visual effects with warm yellow light and flowing water; The repetitive and orderly order, simple and beautiful narration, and the stunning beauty of natural laws create a spiritual and artistic exchange.

Integrating natural forest elements into the ritual axis, every alleyway is filled with natural vitality, allowing everyone to feel the infinite charm of natural forest living. Under the seemingly regular ritual axis, there are natural organic curves everywhere, and the rich plant community softens the hard pavement, softening the space with natural colors, as if falling into a natural forest.

04 Art Garden

Under the sunlight, the plants shine brightly, and the dense and orderly shrub forests bring people closer to nature in the limited space. The comfortable spatial scale and plant construction make it more relaxed and comfortable; The exquisite ground cover with floral mirrors and the flowing green shadows create a poetic sense of life. The swaying reeds, the lush fox tailed asparagus, the tall and straight Zailihua, and so on, together construct every wonderful moment of this nature.

Sitting and watching the greenery, listening to the sound of water, chatting and greeting the lovely Xuhui Bear, we share the beauty of this natural forest and enjoy a comfortable and elegant life together. In this garden, we go with nature and live with it for years, as if we have become a part of nature.

05 Children’s Playground

The rich and interesting Rocket Children’s Park can stimulate children’s vitality, explore nature, imagine the world, and promote the healthy development of their physical functions during play; Red, blue, and green stimulate children’s perception of color; In the paradise surrounded by forests, children can learn, play, and explore more.

06 The Ritual of Life

From the luxurious hotel style entrance hall through the Boyue Forest and Art Garden, to the exquisite and elegant art entrance, the forest is full of scenery and stops everywhere. Each journey back home is a journey, where the advanced enjoyment of art, nature, and life in the natural forest creates resonance and a sense of belonging for everyone. Live in the forest, live together with nature, and create a luxurious and elegant forest dwelling with etiquette.