2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – ZEEKR Center Guangzhou ICC | ZEEKR Intelligent Technology

Located in one of the most culturally diverse and inclusive areas in China’s southeastern region, ZEEKR Center Guangzhou ICC reflects the corporate culture of equality, diversity, and sustainability. The designers have adopted a humble and low-key approach, using highly transparent glass for the exterior walls of the showroom and user activity areas, which gently blend the building into its surroundings and cater to people’s emotional needs in this cold, steel metropolis. This design approach not only allows outdoor light and scenery to enter but also maximizes the indoor environment’s connection to the street.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

ZEEKR Center Guangzhou ICC
Retail Interior (Built)

ZEEKR Intelligent Technology

Hao Xu, Daisy Wang

Design Team
Ray Gao, Ricky Sun, Wei Gao, Zhengmao Yao, Xingyu Wang, Yaxing Xie, Yuan Zhou, Ping Qiu, Qihao Yan, Huaiyun Guo, Jianlong Lin

Project Location
Guangzhou, China



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The first floor mainly serves as an area for automotive displays and vehicle purchase negotiations. White and silver-gray colors set a simple and concise tone, with satin stainless steel finishes for the walls, terrazzo for the floors, and double-layered light-emitting films for the ceilings. The color temperature and brightness can be adjusted according to different needs. The exhibition space features sleek lines, a unified color palette, and an elegant product presentation, in line with the brand and vehicle’s technological atmosphere.

The second floor serves as an exclusive area for users, with unified design language and color scheme throughout. As you exit the elevator on the second floor, you’ll be greeted by the ZEEKR Pub, which boasts a terrazzo and wooden base. The Zeeker bar’s lighting design features an RGBW color adjustment system that can be tailored to create different atmospheres. The Leisure area’s soft furnishings seamlessly blend brand technology with Guangzhou’s local cultural characteristics.  The designer aims to create a rich and multi-dimensional space experience that encourages communication among users and tea guests, regardless of how they choose to engage with the space.

At the street corner of the second floor, a glass-bearing and illuminated logo is powered by a sandwiched glass middle layer, showcasing the innovative and novel design technique.


The main challenge for the first floor’s Gallery was its proximity to the three-story high lobby of the adjacent office building, while the Gallery ‘s net height is less than 4 meters. The design team solved this challenge by creating a transitional space called the “Hiding Zone” at the connection between the office lobby and Gallery. The height is controlled at 2.5 meters, with a dark-colored surface that creates an immersive spatial sequence. The transition space also serves as a hub leading to the second-floor ZEEKR Pub, connecting the technology display area and vertical transportation. The technology display area is made of wood finishes, with stepped seating to encourage users to stay in the space.


Compared to the first floor, the second floor of Zeeker Center has a strong sense of privacy and homey atmosphere, with an overall increase in warmth. The use of different colors and materials for soft furnishings provides the space with a more tactile quality and a comfortable ambiance.

The top of the space is constructed using arc-shaped wood-grain transfer aluminum panels, and metal curtains separate the space in an orderly manner, creating a visually communicative environment while also infusing a trendy and technological feel. The meeting room is fitted with six rotating glass doors, breaking free from spatial constraints and boundaries. The display wall can showcase user works and Zeeker Center merchandise, enhancing the space’s appeal.

The forum area employs a flexible warm curtain “soft partition” that can be opened or closed to suit various degrees of privacy. The primary function of this area is to provide a learning and communication space for Zeeker users while also accommodating activities such as yoga, wine tasting, product teaching, and releases. The flexible transformation of the warm curtain and furniture provides the space with rich possibilities for function.


Guangzhou boasts a top-ranking urban green coverage rate, thanks to its green and environmentally friendly philosophy and subtropical natural climate advantages. Zeeker Center is situated in the Tianhe district, a major node of the city’s urban green axis. Fully utilizing the advantages of the site’s greenery has been a key consideration in the design process. Outside the selected site, over ten mango trees with a crown diameter of 8 meters provide a lush backdrop. Through careful design, all major functional areas on the second floor have been positioned to offer optimal views, surrounded by the tree canopy, creating an indoor environment that feels closer to nature.

General Information

Project Name: ZEEKR Center Guangzhou ICC

Architecture/Interior Firm: ZEEKR Intelligent Technology

Website: www.zeekrlife.com

Firm Location: Building 7, Xingyao Center, 515 Qizhi Street, Binjiang District, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, 310051

Start Date:2021.12

Completion Year: 2022.9.20

Gross Built Area: 1033 ㎡

Project location: 239 North Tianhe Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Senior Design Director: Hao Xu

Design Director: Daisy Wang

Design Team: Ray Gao, Ricky Sun, Wei Gao, Zhengmao Yao, Xingyu Wang, Yaxing Xie, Yuan Zhou, Ping Qiu, Qihao Yan, Huaiyun Guo, Jianlong Lin

Clients: ZEEKR Intelligent Technology

Photo credits: RAWVISION studio