2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Huaihai Road TOD Project | 5+design

In the culturally rich Huaihai Road Preservation Zone, the design team faced a challenging task while working on a transit-oriented development at the intersection of Huaihai Road and Ruijin Road. The site was surrounded by historic landmarks, a dense residential neighborhood, and a school to the north, making it complex. The government’s project brief included the requirement for a 24-hour accessible roof garden as a community space, and three existing 1920s buildings on Ruijin Road needed refurbishment for adaptive use.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Huaihai Road TOD Project
Architecture Technology (Under Construction)


Michael Ellis

Design Team
Calvin Lim, Sun Hua, Paul Chen, Jin Meng, Chiuhui Lai, Terry Chen, Erik Belknap, Jesse Madrid

Project Location
Shanghai, China

United States


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One of the main challenges was complying with strict sun shadow regulations due to the residential neighborhood and school. However, the design team saw it as an opportunity to develop an innovative massing strategy. They conducted sun studies to optimize building orientation and ensure adequate sunlight for neighboring residential units.

The team crafted a massing strategy that complied with sun shadow regulations while creating a distinctive architectural identity, respecting the site’s historical heritage, and meeting the community’s modern needs.

Creating the rooftop garden was another challenge, but the team embraced it, resulting in an inviting and vibrant space accessible from the ground level at all times. The rooftop garden became a symbol of unity within the community.

The adaptive reuse of two existing 3-story 1920s buildings was a meticulous process, preserving their historical essence while accommodating modern functions seamlessly.

By addressing these challenges, the design team successfully fulfilled the project brief, creating a unique retail center that pays homage to the area’s history and serves the needs of the community.

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