2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Huawei Whole-House Intelligence Experience Center | Topway Space Design

The entrance foyer of the showroom takes “ray” as the source of inspiration. The intertwined rays of light connect the virtual world with the real time and space, as if the light of civilization is projected from an alien world. The linear “universe” space is full of uncertainty and unpredictability, which the designers tried to present by means of technological installations.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Huawei Whole-House Intelligence Experience Center
Commercial Interior Built

Topway Space Design

Wang Zhike, Li Xiaoshui

Design Team
Qiu Wenfeng, Su Jianming, Li Ziying, Zhou Shenghua, Deng Jianfeng

Guangdong, China


©Ouyang Yun

Wang Zhike, Li Xiaoshui
Wang Zhike, Li Xiaoshui

The design team created nine groups of acrylic screens in the entrance foyer and used them to reorganize the visitor circulation. A dense matrix of rays at different angles and densities are sculpted on the screens and projected by altering lights. Like signals in the universe, the rays wander through space, either intersecting or parallel, unpredictable, presenting the myriad of changes in the linear world.

The arched structure and the neat arrangement of columns in the space generate a strong sense of order, as if it is a passage into the future.The heavy archway embodies the strength of the building, quiet and deep, which allows visitors to instantly feel a sense of sacredness beyond reality. With light flowing slowly on the walls, the space represents a site of astonishing sacredness. The reflective floor projects the arched space, blurring the boundary between reality and virtuality.  

The graceful curved light connects the two dimensions, which seems to be a kind of black hole connecting space and time, making visitors want to explore the mysterious realm of the metaverse.On both sides of the arched passage are Huawei’s intelligent product display areas. The designers placed cutting-edge technological products in a “classical temple”, showing the long trail of mankind’s relentless pursuit of technology and civilization from ancient times to the present.