2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Huicheng International Center | TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

The Huicheng International Center project is located in Zhengding County in Shijiazhuang, a wellknown national-level historical and cultural city in China. It is on the east side of the Business Center of Zhengding New District. It covers an area of 2.83 hm2 and a building scale of 98,989.07 m2. The program is intended to help the business gathering in Zhengding New District, optimize the ecological environment, stimulate the public vitality, and create an ecological business brand integrating office and supporting facilities.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Huicheng International Center
Corporate Architecture (Under Construction)

TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Qiang Xu

Design Team
Lixiang Liu ,Yun Wang , Siyi Wang, Yanchi Wu, Shaojun Li, Shuyi Sun, Yanyan,Yankang Zhu

Shijiazhuang, China


©TIANJIN TIANHUA northern architectural design

Zhengding has a long history with profound cultural heritage. The designer were inspired from the graceful sleeves of the Yuan Verse. Therefore, the designer puts forward the design concept of “the dance of the city and the rhythm of the future”, so as to create a brand new card for the city while lengthening the urban context and promoting the traditional culture.

According to the planning principles and in-depth study of the base form and surrounding environment, the designer selects the double tower layout. The double towers were located in the northwest corner and the southeast corner of the site respectively, which are staggered with the existing buildings to ensure the view reachability. It has renewed the urban skyline to a new height, which highlight the core position of the central business office space. The podiums were arranged in a “U” shape, which main functions were at the four corners. Meanwhile, it is open to the Business
Center, where the office courtyard was set in the open yard to echo with the axis of the urban green belt.

The design concept were inspired from the graceful sleeves of the Yuan Verse, and the flowing lines are taken as the motif in the architectural modeling and the plane layout. The human-based podiums adopt the horizontal curve to enrich and enliven the space experience; the canopy at the main entrance is designed with extreme tension and identification; the facade of the building towers emphasize the vertical lines, and enhances the straightness through volume cutting. All of the diversified design methods of different scales jointly shape a unique business architectural image that fits the theme.

During the in-depth design of the project, the designer has explored the systematic free-curve surface design methods, which aims to ensure the facade effect while controlling the use quantity of irregular-shaped glass, balance the aesthetic characteristics of the building and the complexity of the project, so as to achieve a final achievement of design concept and construction details.

The lively and clever design of the project shows the perfect combination of art and technology. The designer seeks a balance between the landing effect and the construction cost, reasonably optimizes the curtain wall, and finally perfectly presents the design concept of “the dance of the city and the rhythm of the future”.