2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – INisle by RIG Design Co.,ltd

The overall design style of INisle Skyview Hotel And Bar is simple, fashionable And poetic, with gray And white as the key. The arch architectural elements in the space are inspired by Chongqing, the most famous “bridge capital” in China. The arch shape of piers of Bridges across the river throughout the city is refined through the design. Create a fashionable and elegant space: curvy arch Quan, and large French window, ensure that the architectural space and city landscape has a good connection.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Hospitality Interior Built

RIG Design Co.,ltd

Ryan Wen

Design Team
Ryan Wen

Chongqing, China


©Ryan Wen

Different from the traditional office space of designer studios and small hotels, this project combines the necessary space for designers to carry out design work, and makes necessary and effective display and display in the hotel for the relevant elements and products involved in the design process. In particular, the original display and sales of furniture and art products, with the help of the hotel’s customer channels and network content release, provide a very efficient way of sales promotion for designer products, so that designers in the display space design ability at the same time, but also can produce more product value.

The 39th floor has a large terrace with a roof of over 500 square meters, which was previously vacant. After consulting with the local community government, the design team initiated two influential urban renewal projects: “Beautifying the urban roof” and “developing the rooftop economy”; Through the planning, design and preparation of the roof garden, it provides more public value for the unused roof space, becomes a public green viewing and social terrace for the community where the hotel is located, and makes a certain contribution to the tourism and economic development of the local community.