2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Infinite by Kris Lin International Design

This case takes those multiple dimensions like space art aesthetics, cultural and creative life, new retail, and interactive experience into consideration, breaks space boundary and tries to integrate business models in different fields to shape diversified lifestyles experience in the future.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022 (IIDA 2022)

Hospitality Interior Built

Kris Lin International Design

Kris Lin

Design Team
Kris Lin, Anda Yang

Quzhou, China


©Kris Lin International Design

In this process, the designer keenly captures the popular gene of the younger generation customers, strengthens the social attribute of the space, perfectly combines the concepts of trendy entertain block, café and book bar culture, and creates a “Utopia” that belongs to the future social activities of younger.

The block where the project is located is experiencing the butterfly change of urban pattern, which brings the design of this case from the abstract artistic conception of cocoon into butterfly to the concrete form of “Butterfly”, then finally back to “∞”, it is a transformation process of abstract expression, extending from spiritual perception to the whole spatial experience.

With the best view on the east side of the building, the designer abstracts the circular layout structure of the space along the center to the left and right sides with the “∞” symbol, weakens the right angle relationship, and injects the emotional value of the space into the perception and experience of future customer groups with flowing lines and blocks.

The ceiling is highly recognizable after metal spray painting of its disc-shaped decoration. Its basic form is paraphrased from the infinite symbol “∞”, just like the cell division forms an ever-changing combination, which is full of vitality and interest. The arc shaped lamp panel echoes with the booth below the space on the facade.

The cultural and creative booth at the entrance has laid the tone and prelude of the whole space, the vitality sense of young lifestyle and trend culture is coming in hurry. The left space presents the life scene of the integration of cafe culture and scholarly atmosphere, while the right space displays the cultural and creative trendy goods.

The cultural and creative display wall is composed of 48 white holes to create an immersive space experience with trend and interest. With the trendy toy KAWS doll displayed under the rendering of lights, each visitor can have a unique self-comprehend. KAWS dolls with a life size stand in different corners, their expressions and limbs are adorable, which has become a place of “clock-in” (leave memories by posting on social media) when people are exploring space.