2022 IID 🏆 Awards


The project is located in Taizhou, has an enrich diversity culture,especially famous known as the hometown Huai Opera and Ginkgo wood carving.It deeply influential lovely by the local residents as the iconic elements, which originated in early Qing Dynasty.Echoing Ginkgo leaf-shaped as art decoration ,wooden and gold interiors defined open and shifting spaces, while the satin like materiality of the reception and geometric ceiling provide subtle continuity to the lounge.A comparison dialogue between who live here before and now that shapes the extreme blooming city in the future ever since.it has experienced the inheritance and change of culture in time, knowing the culture of a city, integrating it in the design, and taking a new look in the modern space.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Commercial Interior Built



Design Team
Dequan Dong, Yang Han, Jingkang Chen, Tingting Gong, Tao Yan, Changjiu Tan, Hao Yin



©Valley Vision, Ziming Zhong

The elements of curve wall have warm up the lobby space and access to elite atrium, but together it have formed an influential high profile resistance to the established ideas of taking from luxury of Huai opera. The surgical of marble and glass precision the typified the place with intimate sanctuary of the heart of manifesto.

 The design uses different materials and color blocks to distinguish different functional areas. The moving line with a sense of extension avoids the fine division of the space layout, and also unifies the overall space temperament. Bright natural light illuminates the space, giving the space a sense of natural light.Corners can also be full of life. The flourishing green meaning of lush and verdant.

Sitting in the bar area with a cup of mocha, as if surrounded by rhythmic music, with sense of clam but not fixed. When the light diffuses through the glass tiles, both sides become each other’s scenery, illusory and real, which is another kind of hazy emotional dialogue. The visitors’ sight is interspersed with the cascading of various elements of space, with occlusion and penetration, and the increasingly progressive spatial emotion coincides with the excitement of fugue and spin at the peak, giving rise to a burst of free inspiration. The atmosphere of the combination of emptiness and reality extends the main line of nature and ecology, and the derivative order flows in the space, allowing the space to form its own pattern and grow naturally.While the return to more residential aesthetic is a culmination of brand new trend that has been building for the influx of domestic luxury residentials.

The theme background wall uses detachable glass brick to facilitate secondary use to reduce on-site garbage, and the wood veneer uses technology wood instead of solid wood skin to be more environmentally friendly. The use of environmentally friendly texture paint for large area walls is not only convenient for garbage disposal after removal, but also more environmentally friendly and healthy in the space.