2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Sumei Skyline Coast Boutique Hotel by GS Design

The project is located nearby the “The Skyline Coast”, a popular tourist attraction in Sanya, Hainan, enjoying vast and open seascape and surrounded by the lovely sound of crashing waves, which can relieve people’s spirits in the immersive blue natural ambience. The designer offers two interpretations for the facade structure of this project from different aspects —- for the exteriors, it looks like the ocean waves rising and falling alone the shore; for the interiors, each peak of the ocean wave encloses an independent frame, presenting vivid pictures of the infinite blue ocean.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Sumei Skyline Coast Boutique Hotel
Hospitality – Hotel & Bar Interior Built

GS Design

Yuanman Huang

Design Team
GS Design

Tianya District, Sanya, Hainan


©GS Design

The designer builds the hotel lounge, unlike the traditional ones, into an area featuring reception, seating, photography and high tea. The height differences in the shallow water area further polish the artistic vibe —– inspired by the winding coastline, the designer crafts the boundary of this area into a multifunctional platform, presenting a rich layered visual effect with the pool and the ocean

The designer excels at supporting spatial vibe with pure white tone to present a strong and specific contrast with the sky, seascape and sunset, which ensures a photographic background for all scenes and settings. “We work to craft the space into a timely and sophisticated art piece with long lifespan of usage by adopting this classic color.” Put the designer on the concept.

The blue sky, vast ocean, beach and palm are collected within the arch-shape frame to perfection, thanks to the precise aesthetic proportion. Wandering by the consecutive arch-shape windows, people are offered a broad vision of pure white, enjoying vivid natural scene everywhere within the area.

The champagne bottle-style matrix and the golden color well complement with each other to embellish the space in such a pure white context. People can appreciate the best sunset anywhere in the space when walking, standing, sitting, or even swimming. With a glass of wine, splendid natural lights and scenes, the romantic vibe in the space deserves every moment.

The designer deconstructed the art with simple graphic morphemes, depicted circles inside the square, and made the them overlap with each other to form a loop, which ensures an in-depth vertical layered vision effect in the hot spring area. The shifting of light and shadow depicts poetry on the spatial structure; the silhouette of the waves, the afterglow of the sunset, and the ripples of the hot spring pool are all intersections of time and space.

Enjoying the seascape with a clear mind. The designer maximized the introduction of natural light and sea level, and created a subtle perception of the scenery from various perspectives through the height difference of different furniture. When lying on the bed, people can enjoy the sparkling artistic conception at any time with their sight level up with the sea horizon.

People can have a wonderful dream with the chilling ocean breeze and the natural sound of waves. The designer applied perfect proportions to visualize the pure and splendid scene with the frame structure, flawlessly allowing people’s imagination to meet with the scenery right in the moment.