2023 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Jiangyin Tianyuwan | Pakee Design

Based on the minimalist LDKB layout, the design aims to present an emotional progression in the transparent space. Continuing the pine green palette and matched with black, white, and gray, the interior develops and extends where life and time accumulate. The living room has a spacious and transparent visual experience, where the round surface runs through the entire space, expressing restrained and subtle beauty through soft transitions. The embedded steel details make the whole home exquisite and upscale.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Jiangyin Tianyuwan
Residential Interior (Built)

Pakee Design

Pakee Design

Design Team
Pakee Design

Project Location
Jiangyin, China


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The light and shadow have been taken advantage of to the extreme. The concise and high space structure and the almost unobstructed natural lighting achieve its unique light and shadow effect. Without a main lamp, the Moon Light fills the space with an elegant, luxurious, and high-end atmosphere at night. The accessories and cushions have pure natural ores elements, and their patterns and texture echo the overall space.

In the post-epidemic era, we are facing many common problems to concern. With the design concept of bringing the book fair home, a reading corner is built, combining practicality and functionality to create a harmonious and comfortable reading environment with simple, natural, comfortable, and flexible space and light.

The study room, or the photography studio, is a free and flexible working space, which looks neat and outlined by light, while the concise lines of the desk have a humanistic elegance. When all the display, light, and furniture are together, working here may bring creativity to the world.