2023 GFD 🏆 Awards


This project is the construction of a tourist center for Dongbeiya ski resorts, located in Shenyang National Forest Park in the eastern part of Shenyang City. The project covers an area of 11,334.04 square meters with a total construction area of 12,851.02 square meters. With the arrival of the era of mass tourism, diverse tourism resources, new trends in sports and leisure vacation, the project will create a showcase and landmark of Shenyang’s ice and snow culture, where culture and space intermingle to promote new development of comprehensive tourism.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2023

Hospitality Architecture (Under Construction)



Design Team
Zhen Liu, Yanjun Wang, Chen Wang,, Chenyu Li , Min Xu,, Siting Chen, Junjie Ye

Project Location
Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China



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The building is laid out in a north-south horizontal pattern, and an entrance plaza is set between the building and the road for buffering. The main entrance is located on the north side, and different entrances and exits are provided to divert VIP/self-equipped snow equipment visitors from ordinary tourists, in order to avoid interference and ensure the independence of different pedestrian flows. The south side of the building is equipped with a leisure platform, which can be used as an outdoor dining and leisure area, enjoying an unobstructed view of the snow landscape.

The building facade is composed of multiple folding glass curtain walls, using a vertical-open horizontal-hidden approach to make the building facade more concise and upright. Through analysis of the site, a two-story landscaped terrace space is designed to enrich the facade while enhancing the interest of the building, providing visitors with a broader view and multi-angle viewing experience.

The first floor of the building is mainly the snow equipment hall, where ticket purchase, snow equipment rental, storage, picking up boards and winter sports form a clear and concise line of movement, providing ski enthusiasts with the ultimate comfortable consumption experience. Around the snow equipment hall, there are also various formats, including ski clubs, coaching and filming experiences, ski equipment brand stores, and light dining, to enhance service quality and comfort. The second floor is mainly divided into two areas. The west area comprises VIP private rooms and member exclusive areas to satisfy high-end consumers’ travel experience, while the east area is a specialty food plaza serving as an energy supply station for ski enthusiasts. By arranging the areas separately, each area doesn’t disturb the other, but they help enhance each other. The southeast corner of the second floor is equipped with an outdoor terrace of about 400 square meters, with different winter and summer views and a panoramic view of 270 degrees. As a unique space, it enhances the flexibility and richness of space formats.

After the project is completed, it will have significant implications for the branding effect, improved service quality, increased visitor flow, and increased revenue of the scenic area.