2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Jingshun Future Center / IMPERIAL HERITAGE | Hangzhou South North Boundary Space Design Co., Ltd.

The project is located at the core area around Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center along Qiantang River, and at the intersection of the city’s new vertical and horizontal central axes. It aims to create a model of exquisite future urban life and present a new pattern of luxury residences.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Jingshun Future Center / IMPERIAL HERITAGE
Residential Interior (Concept)

Hangzhou South North Boundary Space Design Co., Ltd.

Xu Liqiang, He Linfang

Design Team
Xu Liqiang, He Linfang

Hangzhou, China


©Hangzhou South North Boundary Space Design Co., Ltd.

Taking “a return to nature and simplicity” as main concept, the 310 sqm show flat offers a simple, carefree and natural living experience, and shows a high-quality lifestyle.

Designer furnishings bring a comfortable sense of touch and an aesthetic visual experience. The space is vivified and enriched by multi-dimensional lines and modular furniture. In addition, the application of technology offers smart home experience.

The “3+2+X” layout of the 310 sqm residence makes it available for enjoying scenery, resting, holding parties, and receiving guests. With a super-large spatial scale, it offers a 270-degree view of outdoor landscape and contains various art collections and luxury furniture. Through optimizing and maximizing space utilization, this apartment shows a reasonable functional layout that meets the daily needs of occupants.

The elevator hall is clad in stone materials. Concave hidden edgings applied to its floor and walls add a low-key touch. Besides, the customized art glass with auspicious clouds patterns shows future occupants’ vision for happiness and auspiciousness.

The foyer features a complete luxurious stone slab, which enhances the interior atmosphere that can be immediately perceived as the dwellers step in. Without any complicated splicing, the natural, exquisite texture of the stone is fully revealed. Its edges have been polished, fully showing the modest, elegance and luxury of the space along with the displayed artworks.

The streamlined living & dining area appears simple and fluid. Soft leather, combined with warm wooden veneers and tough gray stones, reveals a living space full of an artistic touch through their pastel earth tones.

Moreover, the 13.5-meter width of the integrated living & dining area provides an open view to the local poetic natural landscape and the bustling cityscape. And the introduction of furniture pieces from Italian brands Reflex and B&B ITALIA injects both a classic tone and a modern touch into the space. Without trivial decorations, all those furniture pieces are simple in style and focus more on functionality and durability, which satisfy modern people’s spiritual need of pursuing a peaceful mind in today’s fast-paced life. On the whole, the soft furnishings are highly consistent with the inner spirit of the project’s overall design— to present a new lifestyle of returning to nature and simplicity.

In the secondary bedroom, flowing lines and leather wall coverings enrich spatial languages and create a wall system with distinct layers and order. Meanwhile, displayed artworks help enrich the space as well.

The master bedroom adopts silk wallpapers, leather upholstery and wooden veneers. The interior surfaces are composed of large pieces, showing subtle details in a simple manner. The translucent artistic glass connects the bathroom and the bedroom, adding fun to the space. The overall design creates a desired peaceful living environment.