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Gold Winner | Living The Gardens | sanzpont [arquitectura]

Living The Gardens development is a complex of nine villas located in Cancun, Mexico. The main objective was to create homes with an innovative design but with a local architectural feel where families can enjoy harmony and create a strong social fabric integrated into a natural environment.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2022

Living The Gardens
Architecture Design Under Construction

sanzpont [arquitectura]

Victor and Sergio Sanz Pont

Design Team
Victor y Sergio Sanz Pont, Ana Cristina Avilés, José Rodríguez, Erik Pacheco & Bernardo Ortiz



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The project promotes healthier lifestyles among its inhabitants by offering wellness services such as a yoga platform, an outdoor fitness area, a vegetable and picnic garden, a swimming pool, an art corridor, massage teepees, playground for children and area for pets. It also promotes the reduction of the use of resources, economic savings and a more sustainable housing product through passive and bioclimatic design. The first step is to do a climate analysis. Research had to be done on the local climate in Cancun and the specific microclimate where the building is located. Specialized software was used to analyze each of the facades to give the best response to wind, sunlight and other climatic factors.

In the region, the climate is hot and humid with an average annual temperature between 28º C and 32º C (82º F and 90º F) in summer, and between 26º C and 27º C (78º F and 80º F) in winter.  Due to these characteristics, the project implements the following strategies:

Solar Protection

The project is protected from solar incidence with native vegetation, the volume of the building itself and wooden louvers located on the south façade, where solar incidence is more intense.

Crossed Ventilation

The prevailing winds in Cancun come from the Southeast. It was decided to design the volume of the project in such a way as to ensure constant natural cross ventilation. This allows air conditioning to be substituted for fresh outside air, at least for most of the year. At the same time, this helps reduce energy consumption related to air conditioning, helping the family economy and the environment.


The use of native vegetation in a large percentage of the non-built-up part of the land creates a microclimate that reduces thermal sensation in general and reduces solar insulation. Also presenting new areas of vegetation integrated with the architectural design.

Living The Gardens is a real estate development that integrates the economic vision of real estate development but manages to offer a housing product that gives more importance to the physical, emotional and social health of users while respecting the environment.