2023 IID 馃弳 Awards

Gold Winner | Marmot Club路Children’s Treasure Theater Park (Wuxi) | Great CoCo (Suzhou)

The Marmot Club is like an “otherworldly dream” that brings virtual scenes into real life, with scenes that combine wooden exterior walls with different cartoon colors as the spatial design theme of the theater park town. The designer joined the unique worldview of the theater park in thinking about the definition of geography and context, and also set up interesting props and decorations to fully stimulate children’s curiosity and desire for knowledge, and let accompanying parents lead philosophical thinking about two civilizations colliding.

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Gold 馃弳 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Marmot Club路Children’s Treasure Theater Park (Wuxi)
Mixed-Use Interior Built

Great CoCo (Suzhou)

Liu Qun

Design Team
Xie Lu, Yin Cheng, Zhao Jiamin, Xue Can, Zang Yinghui

Wuxi City


漏Great CoCo

This project combines the characteristics of Nordic classical architectural style and American western rural style to create a huge worldview, which meets the needs of performance, visiting, and playing for China’s first indoor immersive parent-child theater park. Through exotic space and cool interactive projects, it allows children to return to innocence and nature, giving visitors a fairy tale-like parent-child experience, while also exploring the future content-oriented park model and spatial demand direction.