2022 CD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | P14 | SNB ARQUITECTOS

There are houses that, despite being well grounded in our time, have windows that look to the future. The P14 project, designed and executed by SNB architects, is one of these houses. Although it was completed just in 2020, its avant-garde handling of space and lighting seem like echoes of years yet to come. This is achieved through the combination of several factors: large windows, long corridors, a chromatic contrast and modern furniture. The apartment, located in one of the best areas of Mexico City, is undoubtedly a preview of the times to come.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2022

Residential Interior Built


Nicolas Bazbaz

Design Team
Nicolas Bazbaz And Simon Bazbaz

Mexico City



A sense of vastness pervades everyone who enters. This is not only due to the tall windows overlooking the terrace and the city, but also to the effect caused by the play between the deep black of the granite, which dominates the corridors, and the lighter surfaces of the house. The lights, which enhance the white and gray tones of the furniture, subtly descend from the ceiling, creating a space that gives the impression of extending.

This effect is enhanced by the connection between the common areas, which make it clear that this is a home with coexistence as its core value: coexistence between inhabitants and guests, but also coexistence with the outside environment.

          The personal rooms, unlike the living room and common areas, favor wood and light colors, creating an atmosphere of more intimate warmth. The children’s room is dominated by dark blue and a modern design that invites curiosity, imagination and play. In the bathrooms, which share with the rest of the house the futuristic design, highlights the use of large marble pieces and clean lines. The choice of furniture in the house seeks the encounter between the texture of marble and wood in order to take advantage of the natural elegance of the geometric figures.

          For the construction of this unique home, the SNB studio used an innovative tool: Masterplan. A platform designed by members of their team especially to simplify and streamline the coordinated work in the field of architecture. From concept and method to result, everything in this project points to the future.