2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Poly Galaxy Land Sales Center | M-DESIGN GROUP

The Poly Galaxy Land Sales Center is located in Wuhan, China, with an area of 484 sq.m. Taking the form of a café aesthetics hall, it’s dedicated to discovering the essence of the ideal community, building a real and warm neighbourhood relationship, and fostering a diversified social life.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Poly Galaxy Land Sales Center
Interior Design


Yirong Yang, Meijun Chen

Design Team
Tanzhen Kang, Cailin Luo, Shiting Zhu, Jin Zhang

Wuhan, China



Behind the bright hotel-grade resident lobby lies a natural garden atrium and landscaped promenade, as well as a café-themed space that caters for a variety of lifestyles. At the exhibition window, a bottle installation with the slogan “Early Coffee, Late Alcohol” is placed. When entering, the delicate metal island in the center functions as both the reception desk and drinks area. The large screen is intended for entertainment, inviting visitors to watch sporting events or live music while having a drink at night. Besides, people can enjoy a half-day of comfort and tranquility thanks to the varied seats and landscape design.

Coffee-themed cultural and creative goods, such as art sculptures, literature, and coffee beans, are displayed on the composite wood table on the side. The continuous glass curtain wall brings in affluent sunlight, making the space both bright and clear while blurring the boundary between interior and exterior.

Behind the unique low brick wall is a quiet corner that echoes the garden view. The curved sofa and the round carpet, along with the light pouring in, contribute to a relaxing and cosy ambiance. By blending the outdoor greenery with the interior stainless steel tree installation, nature and art are brought into harmony and dialogue. In addition, community life is given a wider range of creativity with a romantic flower trolley, a fully tooled leather workshop and a carpentry studio.

Through these efforts, the locals are able to embrace an idealized and daily life, the friendliness of their neighbors, and the hopes for a bright future.