2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | OVIOS Global Headquarter Center | Good Try

Creating an immersive showcase experience When the elevator doors open, a “Urban nature” themed showcase presents various natural backgrounds and scenarios that blend with “OVIOS” outdoor and office product lines. It breaks the conventional showcase used for sales presentations, creating an atmosphere of artistic beauty. Both novel and unique, it demonstrates the enduring charm of “OVIOS.”

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

OVIOS Global Headquarter Center
Corporate Interior Built

Good Try

Rita Chen

Design Team
Rita Chen, longer, Michael Xiao, Gloden Zhang, Alex

Sanshan, Guangdong



Reception Hall

Etiquette, the order of heaven and earth. Based on respect for the brand, the city, and the culture, we construct the spatial profile with refined techniques.

The reception hall – The dazzling diamond-cut backdrop, coupled with decorative screens, establishes a grand ambiance, complemented by intricate woven glass components, conveying the intricate craftsmanship and the beauty of brand elements.”

The reception desk – extensive use of natural stone with metal joints detail, creating a harmonious connection with the elevator hall, with strong and sleek lines extending from the exterior to the interior.

The contrast between formal etiquette and a sense of open freedom in layout is skillfully balanced. At the forefront, a three-dimensional ‘OVIOS’ logo, meticulously crafted from metal, elegantly presents the essence of the corporate brand within the space.

Leisure Reading Area

The freedom of culture, the fusion of East and West, evolves into the unique genes of this space.

It serves as both a café, a book bar, and a product showroom.

The entire design aims to create an immersive, scenographic experiential space that interprets the relationship between people and space, as well as people and nature, from multiple perspectives. It showcases the richness of nature’s beauty, the boundless realm of art, and the delightful aspects of life. It’s a commercial art space breaking free from conventional mechanical constraints, allowing for innovative forms to emerge.

In the open space, large floor-to-ceiling windows bring abundant natural light into the area. Sunlight and vibrant colors reflect the warm, rustic ambiance, providing a sense of relaxation amid busy work routines. The space exhibits a feeling of coexistence with the outdoor environment.

An artistic wall panel combined with a metal structure, in a fireplace-like integration, semi-openly divides the coffee bar from the front hall, resembling a large painting frame, extending a rich sense of layers like an “art corridor.” As a starting point, visitors embark on a fascinating journey through the OVIOS corporate culture display area, showcasing the brand’s past, present, and future through technology and innovative materials.

Chairman’s Office

Invisible like an elephant, conveying dignity and grandeur.

The source of a company’s highest intangible value is the noble character of the chairman. Chairman Li, with his charisma, influences and inspires generations of entrepreneurs, leading and supporting the team to develop a business that is close to people’s hearts. His office space must have a corresponding atmosphere, in line with the core spirit of the OVIOS brand: “Those with the same desires rise together, and those who share the same boat in stormy weather thrive.”

The Chairman’s office features a reception area, a tea tasting lounge, workstations, and a comfortable sofa relaxation area. It offers a wealth of functionalities, aligning with the strategic vision of being at the forefront of the industry. It provides a comprehensive, personalized experience for both work and leisure. The background wall showcases an abstract landscape painting, symbolizing having a strong support behind. The space is spacious with an open line of sight, blending smooth lines with modern luxury elements to create an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. Here, it transcends the limitations of style frameworks and fully incorporates the concept of a panoramic natural view. The 270° panoramic view allows the design to reconnect with human psychological perception, revealing the refined demeanor of successful business leaders

Large Conference Room

The focus of smart technology scenes and collaborative innovation services centers around two key elements: ‘collaboration’ and ‘innovation’. It promotes collaboration and innovation between companies and employees, encourages breaking the relative isolation between industries and businesses, establishes a good network of relationships, and promotes communication. The multi-functional meeting room integrates meetings, training, and events, allowing the space to quickly adapt to different functional needs and interact with other areas.

Public Workspace

Breaking away from traditional office models, it creates a multi-dimensional “care space” filled with creativity and thoughtfulness, conveying both philosophy and warmth. The design incorporates green and innovative concepts, creating a convenient, healthy, and lively new ecological interior design for the office space. It allows employees to work, communicate, think, and discuss in an active and innovative environment while providing a place for relaxation and rejuvenation, allowing them to gather information, spark inspiration, and improve work efficiency.

In addition, the public workspace also features an informal tea and chat zone where employees can leave their workstations to have tea and chat, providing a brief respite. With its open and bright views and unique spatial scenes, this area offers a momentary relief from mental fatigue and stress. It allows for a seamless transition and continued search for new creativity and inspiration while enhancing work efficiency.

Eco Phone Booth

The soundproof telephone booth, equipped with double-layer soundproof glass and sound-absorbing felt walls, enables efficient remote communication. The green and ecological design style provides employees with moments of relaxation amidst their busy work. The colorful transparent glass in these individual offices adds a playful element and offers employees their own private space. These spaces allow employees to meet and interact, fostering inclusivity of diverse cultures and enhancing the experience of communication and collaboration.