2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Retae International Hotel | Wuhan Mimo InterionDesign & Engineerin Co.Ltd

This project is Rui Tai International Hotel Project, located in Wuhan Airport International Business New Town, backed by Kangli High School, with strong academic atmosphere. Therefore, the design extracts the landscape lake stone and Diao Liang painting building in the “18 Bachelor’s Drawing” for the hotel color inspiration, with traditional Chinese Ming tea, brick red, stone green color as the main color of the space, shop with jade white, moon gray, Xuan sky color for the space shop tone. Artfully integrating the relationship between architecture, design and cultural atmosphere, the art of humanistic life is always embedded in the whole living experience, making the exquisite and elegant lifestyle and the rich cultural heritage complement each other.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Retae International Hotel
Hospitality Interior Built

Wuhan Mimo InterionDesign & Engineerin Co.Ltd

Jing Hong, Zhe Liu

Design Team
Peng Zong, Jian He, Zhou Zou, Junping Wang, Zhengbo Yang, Jing Yue, Liuqing Zhu

Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China


©Fan Mirror Architectural Space Photography · Wei Cai

Jing Hong

The original building space is narrow and high, and there is a structural column and a tube well between the front desk and the end view pine tree, which gives a sense of oppression and blockage visually. So the designer uses the design ingenuity and the use of materials, the front column uses the pinecone greenstone plate highlighting the main body of the bachelor’s figure, the performance of the water element and the height of the space and the sense of strength, and the front subtly interspersed, and visually constitute a relatively balanced aesthetic feeling. The rear column continues the same material of the wall to achieve the role of concealing the presence of the building body, which not only achieves the sense of the whole but also does not lose the ingenious.

The art installation takes the garden in “18 Bachelor’s Drawings” as the design inspiration. The pine-branch is extracted and turned upside down for artistic treatment to form a “welcoming pine”. It has beautiful posture, verdure and straight, and is not interesting. Through the guidance of light, a through-through relationship is formed, and the open and neat reception space is cut out by the relaxation ratio, extending the borderless sense and capturing the clever artistic conception.