2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Qing Shui Wan Xin Hai Stacked Villa Showflat A | SSD

This project is located in Qingshui Bay, Lingshui, Hainan, bordering the southwest coastline of Lingshui, with a beautiful landscape of mountains and the sea. In the design of this case, the project team relies on its geographical location advantages and local tourism culture background, the natural characteristics of warm water, white sand, flat beach into the design language, aiming to create an extremely comfortable and relaxing vacation experience quality space.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Qing Shui Wan Xin Hai Stacked Villa Showflat A
Private Residential Interior Built

Shanghai Shanmushuishi SSD,Muzi Design

Rongbin Zhu, Yaofeng Sun, Changmao Lin, Guoyong Zhang, Jian Chen, Yi Lu,Shan Zou, Yan Sun, Shaoye Hu

Design Team
Rongbin Zhu, Guoyong Zhang, Yaofeng Sun, Changmao Lin,Jian Chen, Yi Lu,Shan Zou, Yan Sun, Shaoye Hu

Hainan, China


©Zhipeng Liu

The space area of this project is about 500 square meters, mainly composed of six different space floors, which carries the functions of quality display, delivery sample, and future use by customers. On the first floor, it consists of living room, dining room, open kitchen and living room, and flower room, which combines with LDKBS-style integrated design to expand the overall vision, and at the same time, allows different spaces to form an independent yet interconnected linkage to enhance the interaction between families. In terms of design style, the overall use of light colors to create a light and luxurious vacation atmosphere, warm marble floor tiles, contemporary furniture and art paintings, different textures of materials in the space collide with each other, presenting a warm and calm rest space. In addition, the large floor-to-ceiling windows eliminate the internal and external spatial barriers and the sense of boundary, and through the introduction of outdoor light and courtyard landscaping, the landscape, flowing light and open space through, to create a cozy and natural atmosphere.

The second floor houses the master suite and children’s room, which utilizes horizontal windows to provide a visual connection to the outdoors, and is designed to be a relaxing and natural resting space that eschews ostentatious ornamentation and intricate detailing. In addition, on the third floor, the second bedroom is connected to an open courtyard, while the top floor features a meditation room and a roof terrace, where visitors can take in the beautiful views of the project’s surroundings.

In addition to the basic living functions, the project has also added swimming, chess and cards, fitness, karaoke, BBQ, tea room and other activities.The alternation of black and beige colors brings a sense of elegance and quality to the space, while the wooden coffee table adds a touch of simplicity to the space, and the dreamy starry sky ceiling brings a romantic atmosphere.