2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Hongqiao Noah Wealth Center, Shanghai | Highthink Architecture

The project involves the headquarters of a financial company, comprising three triangular-plan buildings labeled A, B, and C, with 9 floors, 8 floors, and 7 floors respectively. These interconnected buildings form a complex where the height and area decrease gradually, creating a stepped pattern.

The adjacency of the buildings and the substantial interior space may lead to complexities in traffic flow and difficulty in distinguishing regions. The designer needs to proactively address issues such as the layout of triangular plans with varying areas, seamless integration of indoor and outdoor environments, handling acute-angled spaces, and traffic flow.The client desires a departure from the traditional seriousness of financial institutions, aiming for a blend of music and nature to create an office environment that is both elegantly romantic and young and modern. Simultaneously, the new office building is intended to consolidate departments scattered across the city into a unified complex, reserving space for future expansion.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Hongqiao Noah Wealth Center, Shanghai
Corporate and Office Interior Built

Highthink Architecture

Qing Wang、 Martin Hagel、Yi Lin

Design Team
Jiangpeng Zhao、Deming Huang 、 Lijun Wang 、Zhangyang Wang、 Yong Wang、Junkai Yang 、Pei Hong 、Xiaomeng Chen 、 Yifei He 、 Yuehui Mao、 Menghui Tang 、 Yanmei Huang 、 Di Zhang、Wei Yu 、 Qiuyu Shen 、Tai Fang、Jiawen Zhang、Weijia Wang 、Yihang Lin

No. 1226, Shenbin South Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China


©Highthink Architecture

The project team conducted a comprehensive 3-month research phase, analyzing behavioral patterns within office spaces and the usage frequency of different areas. They collected multifaceted requirements, ultimately formulating a design philosophy centered around natural dynamism, supporting various work modes, and incorporating intelligent high-tech products. The interior design revolves around the theme of a “musical forest,” making extensive use of eco-friendly materials to resonate with the architectural form.

The lobby adopts a encompassing layout, introducing abundant natural light into the triangular atrium, creating a bright and open space. Visual focal points such as tree-shaped platforms and greenery terraces are strategically placed, and functional spaces are arranged along the periphery. The second floor serves as the corporate conference center, featuring over ten meeting rooms of different capacities and configurations. The flexible design enhances spatial possibilities, while A and B buildings primarily house office areas with a linear layout around the atrium. This arrangement alternates between open workspaces, mobile work areas, manager offices, meeting rooms, and leisure zones, creating a smooth and well-balanced environment with various workstation options.

The higher floors, in conjunction with terraces, include recreational areas such as rooftop gardens, tea rooms, and sports facilities. The main and auxiliary passages facilitate easy movement between the three buildings, with the primary corridor connecting different departments and the secondary passage extending inward to meet the needs of the employees within the region. Each building’s connecting points feature open staircases, establishing connectivity between the upper and lower levels.

The office areas of the three buildings are distinguished by dominant color tones: green, gold, and orange. This not only signifies the individuality and location of each space but also contributes to the establishment of a unified and efficient visual system, aiding in brand recognition.