2023 CD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner: Runxi Towers | Mason Studio

Runxi Towers is a residential interiors project located in the thriving Shenzhen City by one of  China’s  largest  developers,  China  Resources. It encompasses dynamic residential spaces that are detailed and refined, traditional and playful environments that offer residents a retreat from their busy urban surroundings. Runxi Towers is coveted for its architecture and landscape: an adjacent park and golf course with beautiful views as a retreat from the vibrant city.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Chinese Design Awards 2023

Runxi Towers
Residential Interior Built

Mason Studio

Stanley Sun, Mason Studio

Design Team
Stanley Sun – Project Designer, Co-Founder and Creative Director (Mason Studio) Ashley Rumsey – Project Designer, Co-Founder and Executive Director (Mason Studio) Nina Kwei – Project Designer (Mason Studio) Jacqueline Pereira – Project Designer (Mason Studio)

Project Location
Shenzhen City, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China


©2022, Mason Studio

Mason Studio designed spaces that align with the lifestyles of residents living at Runxi Towers, including young couples, multigenerational households, and professional executives. Mason Studio toured numerous comparable properties to look at similarities and understand client and community expectations.

The firm applied a conscious North American perspective to an Eastern context with respect and consideration of specific, local, community-based needs in the process. To maximize the value of the development, it was important to provide design that aligned with China Resources. As this was a new development, Mason Studio began working on model suites to optimize the functionality of the suite interiors and public common areas, which inform the function of overall amenity spaces.

Mason Studio sought to understand the emotional needs of both client and residents, with intention to create a space that supports joy, to decompress and be calm, without being exclusionary. Drawing inspiration from establishing a connection with exterior and interior spaces, the project followed a form-driven approach, where all spatial elements included and emphasized curves that embody calmness and flow.

For example, acoustical plaster panels were used on the walls and ceiling of the Music Room to continue the building’s curvature and achieve a dome shape. This maintained its plaster texture, meeting safety standards, and minimizing noise transfer. Many amenities are against perimeter walls driven by natural light.

Cleanability, operations, freshness of space, and lighting techniques were designed to reflect and respect resident demographic and lifestyles. Matte materials employ a visual softness, while natural materials add a calm energy to a building approach that is simple in nature.

Environmental and community impact were a consistent guide in the project as Mason Studio applied a minimalist approach to eliminate excess. Mason Studio delved into the legacy of Runxi Towers and looked at how the residences may be passed down to future generations. Aiming to prevent the space from being replaced, Runxi Towers were not solely from an aesthetic perspective, but for durability, maintenance, and longevity.