2021 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Seazen Cloud Atlas Sales Center | Maudea Design Studio

Located in Yancheng, the project relies on the superior local ecological environment and culture, and integrates its natural elements and multicultural experiences into the interior space, in order to create a public space for the local residence. Especially since the epidemic has changed drastically in the past two years, space safety and living environment have become more of people’s concern. We hope that in this nature-oriented space, it will bring people natural healing.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2021

Seazen Cloud Atlas Sales Center
Public Building Interior Built

Maudea Design Studio

Wally Mau

Design Team
Wally Mau



©Maudea Design Studio

In terms of overall space planning, we adopt contemporary spatial layout of artistic aesthetics to create different functional areas, including the CO-life ecological coffee bar, water bar space, cultural and creative area and recreation space.

Color is an important carrier for expressing the atmosphere and mood of a space. We abandon the conventional color matching structure and boldly regulate the different proportions and distribution areas of green and gold in the space. The collision of colors and different materials conveys a low-key, natural and elegant and romantic visual experience. In the experience area on the second floor, you can see a green tree surrounded by a circular sofa, which seems to be a recurring mark of time, marking the reincarnation of the four seasons.

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