2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – Shanghai Hongqiao Mansion Phase II Sales Center & Club by ONE HOUSE DESIGN

Shanghai Merchants Hongqiao Mansion Phase II is equipped with multiple functional areas such as a sales center and a hotel-level boutique club. Based on insights into current human settlements and future trends, the designer pursues the resonance between lifestyle and aesthetics taste of the times. This project coordinates the harmonious integration of interior, architecture and landscape, emphasizes the sense of modern luxury, simplicity and trendy, and it is expected to give visitors a variety of experiences of constant perspective conversion and spatial level changes.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Shanghai Hongqiao Mansion Phase II Sales Center & Club
Mixed-Use Interior Built


Fang Lei

Design Team
Fang Lei, Meng Chengpeng, Xulei, Tan Chaojie, Shen Rongrong, Li Bin




The interspersed structure of metal and stone in the reception desk gives it a sense of superimposed layering. The grille elements extend form the top surface to facade, and they constitute an end scene with the planting groove. It not only creates the partition effect, but also brings a faint and hazy beauty. In addition, a strong sense of sequence and depth delineates a more spacious and harmonious state here.

The negotiation areas abandon the conventional layout, and create a variety of combination by using deconstruction method. The cabinet of metal perforated board emphasizes the dual feeling of vision and function, thus meeting the diverse needs of visitors.

The flexible and dynamic connection of various areas are strengthened by the open layout and relaxed design method. The designer also plans multiple end views reasonably, so that one can discover the ubiquitous beauty and thought-provoking sense of ritual under the sight of each switch in different place.

There is a VIP room in a quiet place, which not only gives comfort and relaxation, but also conveys the beauty of linear order.

Under a forward-looking perspective, the underground floor rationally planned a comprehensive club including retail display area, beauty spa, fitness sports. The diverse options and the ultimate texture style can meet the needs of the majority of residents, and awaken the deeper emotional enjoyment.

The retail display area and rest area release a soothing and comfortable tone in simplicity. The spa area is equipped with a pure and simple texture, and this private space just bring a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.