2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Shanghai Jing’an North International Science And Technology Innovation Community | FTA

Located in the core of North Shanghai Hi-Tech Park, the project has a complicated layout. First it has a mix of functions and facilities, including office buildings, exhibition centers, businesses, schools, residence communities, as well as business incubators, urban sports and leisure venues, and outdoor performance spaces. Second its old and new buildings are mixed, with four modern industrial plants scattered all over the site.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Shanghai Jing’an North International Science And Technology Innovation Community
Mixed-Use Architecture (Under Construction)


Shi Daohong, Zhao Yushi

Design Team
Wang Chengcheng, Zhang Ping, Yan Xin, He Yong, Liu Qingzhong, Jin Su, Shu Tao, Nan Hua, Xu Xiaoyan, Zhao Xiaokai, Li Pingping, CAI Mingkui, Zhang Wei, Luo Jingxiang, Wang Linkai, Zhou Qin, He Liping, Yan Lin, Xu Jiade, Bian Wen




Based on the complicated layout, the architect built the industrial park into a dynamic and diverse community that blends the old and the new, and stays open nearly 24/7. The site planning presents “two axes”, the axis of tech innovation and the axis of life, and “one ring”, the layout of the Time Cloud Gallery. “Two Axes” will show the cutting-edge technological elements of tech enterprises and create comfortable street spaces. “One Ring” will connect the four old factories and show the continuity of cultural genes.

The site is close to the Central Ring Road and the North-South Elevated Road. In order to reduce the impact of traffic around the plot and create an introvert space atmosphere, buildings get taller as they get nearer to the outside. The high-rise buildings are arranged around the plot to create a complete urban facade and a staggered skyline. Inside, the comfortable and pleasant street size is used to create a dynamic and warm science and technology community. The folded grass slope on the periphery of the street-facing building reduces noise, integrating with the Central Park to create beautiful views.

In the community, through the renovation of the old factories, three different centers are created. Each center has busy streets and squares, and public enclosed central parks. It promotes the intersection and generation of various social behaviors. It is also allowed to organize street activities and theatrical performances to stimulate the vitality of the entire community.

After on-site exploration and plan deduction, the design team determined the direction of “mix-based renovation”——

  • Protect and repair the old factories, and actively reinforce some areas;
  • Repair or replace certain area, and repair as much as possible;
  • Demolish some existing exterior walls, rebuild the facade through old and new plans, and innovate on existing buildings. Among them, the spare parts workshop occupies not less than 50% of the overall area to preserve the industrial features of the base to the greatest extent.

“Data Cube”, as the universal motif of architecture, runs through the design from beginning to end. In order to avoid the buildings becoming isolated islands in the city, the design cuts the buildings into flexible and harmonious cube blocks by breaking them into pieces.

Through in-depth research on office products, each Rubik’s Cube has a vertical community inside with a three-dimensional network. Different from general industries, high-tech industries represented by smart manufacturing often need more space for communication to stimulate creativity. The design creates an adaptable office space according to the different scales, attributes and development stages of the enterprise, and the detachable floors meet the different demands of the enterprise for space. The dislocation and occlusion of the architectural form creates more terraces, sky gardens and outdoor courtyards for the community, as well as more casual communication places for users, making the scene warm and allowing creativity to happen anytime, anywhere.