2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Wuhan New Hope D10 | DO Design Group + Aedas

The project is located at the end of Wuhan Binjiang Business District, adjacent to Erqi Yangtze River Bridge in the north and Yanjiang Avenue in the east. The exceptional geographical location makes it an important gateway to light up Wuhan Binjiang and the city skyline in urban planning. The total construction area of the project is about 320,000 square meters. There are two 190/250-meter high-rise commercial and office complexes on the east side along the river, three 140-meter residential buildings on the west side, and a cross-street flyover is reserved on the south side to connect to Jiangtan Park. The project realizes multi-format aggregation, and each function cooperates with the other.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

Wuhan New Hope D10
Residential Architecture (Under Construction)

DO Design Group+Aedas

Xiuli Sun, Yuying Chen

Design Team
(DO Design Group)
Fu Wen, Chen Jinhua, Zhang Benhua, Jiang Wenwen, Zhao Qian, Zhou Zhenhua, Zhong Li, Ma Yongzhu, Fang Jin

(Aedas) Su Chong, TAN Qiaoyu, WANG Xuelin, SONG Yifei, ZHUANG Zitao, ZHOU Tengfei, XIE Siyu, Yang Jingbin, LIU Jiahao, Zhang Yunyi

Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China


©DO Design Group+Aedas

The design fully considers the landmarks effect of the city when making the plan. The Erqi Bridge can achieve the best architectural image regardless of the distance. It respects the concept of the “gate to the sky” in the plan. On the tower, you can feel the grandeur of Erqi Bridge as a landmark building.

Focusing on the positioning needs of cultural heritage, ecological nature, and harmonious neighborhood, the architect placed the two towers for office, apartment, and hotel functions on the side of the river. The two towers continuously unfold along the river and have the best sightseeing view. The residences are arranged inside to reduce the hustle and bustle of the city, forming an enclosed layout with central greenery. According to the outline size, spacing, and orientation of the five towers, through the data calculation and comparison of multiple schemes, it is ensured that every household can enjoy the landscape.

The design inspiration comes from the allusion of “high mountains and flowing water” and abstractly interprets the overall layout and shape concept with modern architectural language. The tall ridgelines turn into rolling vertical lines, the converging streams turn into the horizontal centripetal cohesion of the buildings, and the majestic waterfalls turn into the vertical impact force of the buildings up and down, showing the magnificent momentum between different levels of change.

The façade of the commercial towers interpret the “sound of hope” that travels through the era in the way of vertical lines converging through the middle fork. The top is based on the idea of “lighthouse” on the Yangtze River, corresponding to the elements of the façade and forming the crown effect of “light of hope”. The curved glass boss expands the view of the river, showing subtle changes of light and shade under the sunlight.

The lower commercial part on the ground floor echoes the façade of the tower, enhancing the interaction of the façades of the two towers, forming multiple visual and functional connections, and enhancing the integrity and interaction of the entire building. At the same time, in order to avoid the occlusion of the adjacent overpass, the design lifts the podium to open up the green space and the rear residential area, improves the community micro-environment, and optimizes ventilation.

The façade design of the residential towers pursue new trends and individualized characteristics, and follows the fluidity of the urban skyline to bring vitality to the skyline of Wuhan Binjiang Business City. The vertical lines and the horizontally surrounding curved lines highlight the changing volume structure, like the ripples of the water, showing the love for the Yangtze River water and nature and the high quality of living.

The residence uses the customized living enjoyment of landscape resources, the high-end supporting complex life experience and the multi-level space experience of the walking system to realize the pursuit of the current urban population for complex, cultural, and international living places, creating a comfortable living environment near the river.