2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Shenzhen Metro Line 16 | UCD | Vantree Design | Matter Design

Shenzhen Metro Line 16, with a total length of 29.2 kilometers, is the first reconstructed intangible cultural heritage line deeply cultivates local culture. It will absorb local nutrients and combine regional characteristics and cultural differences as the starting point. The entire line is themed with “sunshine+home” as the background, and based on functional streamlines, it will form the perception of spatial structure. The design incorporates the concept of community building into the rail transit space for the first time, interpreting the individuality and unity of the overall route through the shapes, functions, and materials of each station, reflecting the urban cultural connotation of Shenzhen’s “living together, coexistence, and prosperity together”, and presenting the city’s cultural characteristics, historical texture, and diverse artistic themes.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Shenzhen Metro Line 16
Public Building Interior Built

UCD/ Vantree Design/ Matter Design

Muchuan Xu

Design Team
Muchuan Xu, Minxi Cai, Junjie Li, Guanbao Ye, Shangzhao Yang, Xiaofeng Li, Xingchen Song, Dongming Shen, Dejun Li, Jiajun Yin, Zhuohui Hu, Qinshuang Yang, Damian Chan, Liutao, Songjun Chen, Jinge Li, Weijun Su

Shenzhen, China


©Vantree Design

The Universiade Central Station combined with the form of a stone creek to further evolve into a crystal shape. The white portion of the ceiling is then cladded with parametrically controlled triangulated panels, the interplay between the ‘figure ground’: the light-transmitting ceiling andground creates a mesmerizing spatial experience.

Designers introduced the linear LED lights to the ceiling where they exaggerate the expression of the orbit of the stars, to enhance the experience of the dome. This highly futuristic and high-tech space also represents the ultra-ascending pace of Shenzhen of becoming one of the global capitals of technologies.

After a hundred years of ups and downs, Pingshanwei Station is an agglomeration of Hakka people in Shenzhen, a ‘pearl on the chain’ embedded at the interchange station where Line 14 meets Line 16. The station decoration is extracted and designed from the elements of Hakka culture, inspired by the curved ridge of the Portal to the Village in this traditional vernacular architecture. It pays tribute to every new and old Shenzhen resident who have lived in the long course of history, and to realize that life always has the beauty of being positive and striving.

Shuanglong Station is an interchange station between Line 3 and Line 16 of the Shenzhen Metro. There are many historical and cultural buildings around it. Based on its profound cultural heritage, by translating the ‘cruising dragon’ into a design methodology, the lighting and materials are designed like an array of shimmering dragon scales, implying that the inherited dragon is winding and circling here, witnessing the integration of technology and tradition.