2023 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | Shoumeng Network (Guangzhou) | Maverick Interiors

The overall area of the Shoumeng network office is about 2505 square meters, which is located on the 23rd and 30th floors of the building. The whole project was colored with black, white, gray and wood color. The designer hopes that employees can find a suitable working space just like choosing game adaptor, and can go between different office modes to complete the tasks of individuals and teams.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2023

Shoumeng Network (Guangzhou)
Corporate Interior Built

Maverick Interiors

Maverick Interiors

Design Team
Maverick Interiors

Guangzhou, China


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As the main reception area of Shoumeng network office, the front office is planned on the 23rd floor of the building, a 113 square meter reception area. Using modern and simple design techniques, the designers constructed the reception area, presenting the scientific and technological sense. Through the intersection, overlap and integration of surfaces, the visual vestibule effect is formed, and the spatial layout of harmony in diversity, sparse but not scattered is realized, projecting infinite width, metaphorizing the endless creative thinking of enterprises.

There is no obvious boundary between the functional areas, which are designed step-by-step and the relevant symbols of the brand are presented in the unique three-dimensional graphic expression. The rich visual elements and colorful expressions increase agility and interest. They inspire the discussion and pride associated with the Shoumeng network, while energizing the transition space. Those who walk in will be enlightened with the brand culture silently, experience the cultural values of the enterprise. Furthermore, in the negotiation room area, the ceiling is equipped with a large mirror stainless steel to further increase the transparency of the space, thereby expanding the visual sense of the space and creating a relaxed conversation environment. In order to make the internal space bright, the original glass windows remained, introducing natural light and scenery outside the window into the interior, creating a natural and comfortable office space. Multilayer light cutting open, transparent pattern and bright soft decoration, break through the monotony brought by the overall color, project the contrast between calm and enthusiasm, express the inclusiveness of space in the collision, the openness of enterprise perspective and the openness and cultural inclusiveness is presented here. In terms of layout planning, the concept of 1+1 combined conference room is integrated into the design, and the customized screen is used to freely “assemble or detach”, so that the two spaces can be organically integrated or separated, providing various options for conference room and improving the space utilization.