2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – SOT BAR by Xiaoou Design Group

It is Spirit of Tea, a tea house in new era. Also Sort of Tipsy, a Drinking Lab as it suggests.And even Space of Talking, where you can sit down for a while for a small talk.Which one exactly is the main purpose of our design.All of them.Refreshing tea, intoxicating whiskey. Let a day begin with tea, and the night fall with wine.Alike Coffee in the morning, Wine at night in foreign countries, we want to present Chengdu as Tea in the morning, Whiskey at night.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Mixed-Use Interior Built

Xiaoou Design Group


Design Team
Xiaoou Design Group

Chengdu City


©Chuan He

There’s a saying that Chengdu is a city soaked in tea.People sneaking around, finding a tea house for a little leisure time. Seat by seat, sound in sound, the city comes alive with the tea house. What we’re trying to do is to pass on Chengdu’s tea tradition to younger generation but make it more modernized.All of our design is centered around a feeling of Soft Conflict.Ancient as tea culture is, our way of expression can be young.

SOT sits on the southeast entrance of the Kuanzhai Alley.When the sun sheds light on the old alley in the early morning, the door is opened, letting the sunlight flowing in along the wooden floor.Classical architectural style combined with traditional Chinese decoration, modern design meeting tea tradition, in the sphere of old and new, here begins a new day.

We got inspired by an ancient belief called Round sky and Square Earth. When you look up, your sight extends along the arc ceiling as well as your thoughts.Black as main color, the tea house looks decent and elegant.In this quietness, time even walks in a slow pace.Day to night, tea to whisky, the two are connected in the intertwined light.We have considered thoroughly what material and light to use, and how the moving line should be arranged.Much effort has been paid from ground material connection to facade material transition, from the temperature transition from stainless steel to solid wood to lighting device adjustment.We want to create a rather gentle place where you can be soft-spoken.

When the sun sets down, Chengduers come to rest for a while.The rustic wooden tables and dark yellow light, unwind their chaotic thoughts in mind.In the softness of music and taste of whiskey, there’s a wonderful sense of life.Come and get your soul sort of tipsy, freeing your romance hereby.