2022 GFD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner | South Yaojiang Riverside Leisure Area | Ningbo Urban Construction Design And Research Institute Co.Ltd

The south bank of the Yaojiang River is an important part of Ningbo city’s downtown area and a major component of the new Sanjiangkou urban planning. The length of the project is about 3.8 kilometers and the total area is 42 hectares. The design is based on the basic principles of respecting the original features of the site and the residents’ needs, and so the overall concept of “ecological revival in the city center” is proposed.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Global Future Design Awards 2022

South Yaojiang Riverside Leisure Area
Landscape Design (Built)

Ningbo Urban Construction Design And Research Institute Co.Ltd

Chen Zhicheng

Design Team
Yuan Mingjun, Liu Xiaowu, Hu Fengsheng, Fang Rong, He Guohong, Zhang Haixu, Ren Hui, Pan Jiening, Wang Yaoyao, Chen Wei, Zhu Feng, Jiang Wenjie, Liu Yue, Lin Yuqing, Zhang Wenying, Dong Wenjie, Zhao Yujie

South Yaojiang River, Ningbo City


©Jiang Wenjie


To solve a series of problems such as soil erosion, forest closure, habitat degradation, large amount of muck that cannot be transported out, and periodic waterlogging. In addition, the blue line of the original site is immovable with low safety for residents, the city traffic flow is discontinuous, the function and activity experience are monotonous, and the infrastructure is lacking.


By improving the soil and balancing the earthwork on site, protecting the ancient forest, and restoring the appearance of the ancient stone, the designer has created a rare “urban hill” and “ancient stone forest”. At the same time, we optimized the flood control system, implanted the sponge system, biological corridor system, resource & energy management system to protect and revive the regional ecology to the greatest extent, and we took the interestingness of space composition and use into account.

The design links slow-moving streamlines and historical and cultural routes, opens up the pedestrian routes, riverside tourist routes and hot spots in the city center, which improves the quality of life of surrounding residents, and revitalizes the vitality of the overall area.

A free and diverse space form is built, where visitors can develop personalized usage, and the all-aged activity experiences have been considered in the design. We connect open visual space, complement infrastructure and business forms, and realize space sharing and service sharing.

The design is based on the cherishing of this land and nature, and reshaping the humanities of the city. Through a series of rigorous, economical and sustainable strategies and measures, it not only restores the ecosystem, but also stimulates the vitality and people’s belonging in this urban area.