2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – TIME HILLS by Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

The TIME HILLS was expected to be build up to an extremely beautiful space. In the central position of this permanent building, a pivotal spiral staircase, which sparkling like crystal and as beautiful like scenes in the movies opens up a sense of ritual living.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022

Residential Interior Built

Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

Design Team
Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

West side of Jiuhua Mountain villa, Xiaotangshan town, Changping district, Beijing


©Inside (Beijing) Decoration Design Co.,Ltd

This is a place which fulling of flowing light and color. Gentlemanlike elagance and ladylike temperament were emerged thoroughly with the design of bright-light emphasized and gorgeous texture. Moreover, the visual impact of the infinite expansion of space were bringout naturally with the unique silhouette and utilization of transparency and reflective materials. In the underground sunroom, natural views and actual space were intertwined visually like a beautiful illusion. The wide skylight was designed to show the intimate relationship with nature, with the stars shining brightly on the Milky Way and the exuberant green refreshing the heart. Otherwise, the jade-green marble is like rippling lake, and the design of arch door breaking with tradition, all of those views and designs are strenthen the movielike visual enjoyment. Standing here, you might feel the meaning of exploring.

Designers played a gorgeous villa life with the expression of “montage”, from architectural structure to space design and then to art display. They creating reality with dreams and playing the prelude of times with realm.