2022 IID 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – YUNĒ by Hopson Development Holdings Limited

With forward-looking insights into the trend of the times, YUNĒ breaks current living standardsand innovatively puts forward the concept of “folding”. It will adopt the most convenient, intelligent and simplest ways to meet various hidden needs in terms of time, space and life, and will upgrade the values of Hopson M-series’ top residential developments.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
International Interior Design Awards 2022 (IIDA 2022)

Residential Interior Built

Hopson Development Holdings Limited

Design team: Ray Chuang, Ou Yang Lin, Wen Mengqi, Shi Xianhong, Liu Hui 

Design Team
Client team: Wang Chao, Wang Xuan, Eric, He Wei Design team: Ray Chuang, Ou Yang Lin, Wen Mengqi, Shi Xianhong, Liu Hui

Beijing, China



Based on international aesthetics, YUNĒ conveys a visual art that is simple, tranquil, calm, and elegant. The project creates customized spatial aesthetics unique to itself through a balanced and reasonable functional layout, spatial scale, and circulation design. It aims to explore the world’s leading lifestyle standards, “fold” cutting-edge technology into residences, and create a smart and healthy lifestyle with stable temperature, humidity, ventilation, and tranquility. Balconies that provides a 270-degree view are innovatively created, which are combined with three-layer low-E glass window system to “fold” and connect life with nature. For the first time, the wall background is applied to the flooring. The customized ultra-thin (about 6mm) sintered stones not only show the beauty of ultimate flatness, but also possess excellent zero-radiation, zero-pollution, anti-bacterial, healthy and environmental-friendly performances. The entrance hall of each residence is paved with masterfully-cut Brazilian luxury stones in a large area. The well-selected French white oak wood features superior craftsmanship, and reveals aesthetic textures in details.

The design is based on the analysis on the demands of target customers groups. Each apartment is designed with a large “side hall” and balcony that provide 270-degree view to the outdoor landscape.The large-scale staggered balconies on the facades build a close connection between the buildings and the outside landscape resources.

The floor height of the apartments is 3.3 meters, which reaches the city’s maximum limit and exceeds the height standard of 3-3.15 meters in the district. The high ceiling provides better daylighting and an open view to bring outside landscape in. The “borderless” side hall has a maximum width of 6.6 meters, exceeding the standard of 4-5meters for luxury residences in the district. Humanized storage space is set in the master bedroom, entrance and corridor. The innovative design of the Chinese and Western kitchens ensures efficient use of space.

The project adopts a unique M+ Technology System, which innovates the internal and external circulation of the residences. This system includes several customized sub-systems for air, humidity, temperature, water, sound and sunlight, etc. The internal circulation of M+ Technology includes a 24-hour fresh air ventilation system, an intelligent anti-bacterial humidity control system, a version-2.0 capillary tube mat system, an international-standard drinking water system, and a co-layer drainage system, while the external circulation includes a highly efficient external wall insulation system, an energy-saving LOW-E exterior window system, anti-disturbance acoustics system, eco-friendly ground-source heat pump system, and whole-community intelligence system. The project is WELL pre-certified at Gold level and meets one-star green building standards.