2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – The Gorgeous Land by Harmony Construction Limited Company

This is a design project for the common area of an apartment building property. The area includes the lobby, the parking spaces, the reception area on the third floor, as well as the entertainment and meeting room on the fourth floor. Since the areas mentioned above are those essential places that residents must go through day by day, the design team has resourcefully set earthy colors as the main color scheme of the space and combined it with natural elements to produce a warm, generous and comfortable living ambiance. In short, the common area is attractive, stress-releasing, and enjoyable.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

The Gorgeous Land
Residential Architecture (Concept)

Harmony Construction Limited Company

Yong-Zhu Architect

Design Team

Taipei, Taiwan


©Harmony Construction Limited Company

The exterior of the building is made of Samantha Blue Granite, disclosing a rock-solid look with its unique texture and color and conveying a sense of stability and trustworthiness. Entering the lobby, one will notice the gray and white marble texture in the space, together with the glow boxes with a sense of light, metal frames, and mirrored materials, creating a unique lighting design and a modern luxury space. In the parking area, distinct from the lobby’s clear white color scheme, the dark stone elements are integrated with the linear lighting of the canopy, reflecting a restrained and hi-tech-ish vibe.

Upstairs, the design team has set the VIP room concept as the brainstorming point to create an immersive and welcoming experience. The warmth of the space has been produced through the wood, and the space turns into a comfortable and pleasant guest reception area. On the other side, the configuration of distinct materials at the counter produces rich spatial layers. Moreover, the designer has planned the lounge and meeting room on the fourth floor with many wood elements, offering the users a relaxing and comfortable space. The two areas are defined by a transparent partition, making it look spacious and bright through light and opaqueness while keeping each space’s independence.

The vertical stratification of the space is planned to define the movement lines between residents and visitors entering the property. Therefore, it ensures the residents’ safety and the guest’s wonderful visit. Besides, the stone, the wood, and the light soft colors deliver a comfortable and relaxing spatial expression.

The design team takes environmental friendliness as the starting point of the design. Green building materials are selected to implement the four major environmental issues: healthy living, ecological health, human-centered health, and global sustainability. Therefore, the residents will enjoy a healthy and secure environment. Moreover, the space has large windows to let in much natural light. It reduces the use of electric lights, prolongs their service life, lowers electricity consumption, and realizes the idea of energy saving and carbon reduction.