2023 UDAD 🏆 Awards

Gold Winner – The Organic Beauty of Serenity by smt design

This project is a residence of about 24.5 square meters. The designer utilizes wooden grilles and rough stone patterns to interweave the beauty of simplicity and tranquility. Since the client is a Hong Konger and based on the general Hong Kong architectural culture, the living space in Hong Kong is constructed by dislocating and including multiple functions in a limited area, which leads to a compressed living quality.

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Gold 🏆 Winner
Urban Design & Architecture Design Awards 2023

The Organic Beauty of Serenity
Interior Design (Built)

smt design

Shang Ming Jerry Tseng

Design Team
Shang Ming Jerry Tseng

New Taipei City, Taiwan


©smt design

Therefore, contrary to what the client’s hometown is known for, the designer attempts to establish a spacious living space. The designer captures the diverse and ever-changing features of Hong Kong’s architectural style and resourcefully introduces them into the spacious residence, demonstrating various recreational living areas.

Walking into the living room decorated with gray and brown as the primary color, one will see the marble TV wall and the wooden-grilled background panel correspond to each other, conveying the concept of the coexistence of modern style and Japanese aesthetics. The sun shines into the interior from the floor-to-ceiling windows, and the light reflects on it to set off the texture of the building materials, bringing quietness and vividness. A sofa made of linen and leather creates a sense of layering through a similar-color scheme setting. Besides, the color scheme matches the materials and the degree of light and shade.

From the rear wooden grille, the display area, the gemstone background, and finally to the restaurant, the designer selects orange seats for a lively spatial expression. In addition, a white kitchen island is positioned to connect the movable dining table board to provide extra dining space and offer more flexible use. With the difference in the details of the lamps, the bar and the dining area are cleverly divided.

Moving slowly to the personal living space, the bedroom, one will recognize the gray and white tones combined with wood to produce a quiet and rustic look. Sunlight shines through the wooden-grilled windows, composing a comfortable and comfortable living appearance. In the other bedroom, the dark green curved wall is matched with the herringbone wooden floor, as if it were filled with the fresh air in the forest, generating a unique visual sense. And in the bathroom, the oblique patterned slate, the quarter-circular-arched mirror surface, the wooden cabinet, and the stone-tiled floor depicts a minimalist and unpretentious texture.

The designer places some mobile furniture pieces in the house and sets up desks that can be adjusted according to the owner’s needs, as well as a movable dining table, etc., to grant the furniture multiple functions. Accordingly, it reduces extra costs of the same type of products and decreases the waste of resources.